Aarhus 2017 RETHINK

Aarhus - a European city

With its 311,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and a part of the Central Denmark Region, where 1,250,000 people live.

Aarhus becomes the Danish host of the European Capital of Culture in 2017. The theme is RETHINK and is backed by the Central Denmark Region and all of the region's 19 municipalities.

Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe is Royal Patron to Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017.

It is not a short term project, but a project that has a far reaching vision and mission for Aarhus as a city involving the entire region as well. The year 2017 will serve as a beacon regarding the development of Aarhus as a city and not only on the cultural areas because Aarhus 2017 encompasses culture not just in terms of music, performances and museums. The concept of culture also embrace the notions of where we live, which education we choose, how we travel in the city and how we use the nature around us just to name a few.


The theme for the City of Aarhus' 2017 is RETHINK.

However, RETHINK is actually much more than just a theme. It is a mindset. A progressive way of thinking, which is all about acting and thinking openly, differently and better today than we did yesterday. A further development of every area of society that is going to help shape our common future.

ECoC - European Capital of Culture

The European Capital of Culture title was created by the European Council of Ministers and awarded for the first time in 1985.

The purpose of the European Capital of Culture is to bring the people of the European nations closer together by emphasising the richness of European cultures. In this way, the European Capital of

Culture contributes to increasing knowledge of the individual countries' cultures throughout Europe.


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