Binderup Church

Church of Binderup

Village church

The church was built in the period 1050-1250.

Approximately at year 1500 the narrow tower was added to the church.

The church has been renovated several times, latest in the period 1998-2002. Among other things the former altarpiece was moved to a new alcove in the west end of the church, and that made room for a place for the choir. Both things are decorated by sculptor Erik Heide. He also decorated a stained-glass window.

The pulpit is from year 1600 and the font is Romanesque with a south German baptismal dish from year 1575.

The church is closed to the public, but you can arrange a meeting with the gravedigger.

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  • Type

    • Village church

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.558169
    Latitude : 56.764036

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