Christmas in Denmark's oldest town Ribe

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…
Christmas in Ribe builds upon the beloved Danish children’s book, “Peters Jul”, in verse about a middleclass family Christmas in the 1860’s. The author had family in Ribe, and probably celebrated Christmas in the Cathedral town here with his brother, who made the illustrations for the first edition of the book. Perhaps, the brothers were inspired by their Christmas holidays in Ribe when they created this lovely tale of Christmas in a middle-class home. 

Christmas like in the old days
The Christmas decorations that so mesmerized little Peter, are now recreated in Ribe, and are hung on a four meter (13 ft) tall Christmas tree, which is on display at the Museum Ribe’s Vikings through the month of December. In the old merchant home, Quedens Gaard, and at the Ribe Museum of Art, the stage is set for a fine December atmosphere. During the last month of the year, the Christma spirit spreads through the old part of town, and in the basement shop in Porsborg on the main square, the trades people and many Ripenser (Ribe locals) volunteers make sure that no one leaves Ribe, without a little piece of Christmas cheer.

We bake, cut, glue, weave, fry and brew, in order for everyone to experience that oldfashioned taste of Christmas. Ribe Cathedral offers incomparable Christmas concerts, with famous compositions and  solo artists. The Christmas fun starts when the children in Ribe gather in the town square to wake up Santa Claus.  
See the exiting programme and more details here.

Opening hours

01/12/2017 - 23/12/2017 Monday - Sunday

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