The path around the Castel lake in Hillerød

From Hillerød Square follow the path to the left and pass Posen, there is a green place with a playground and restrooms. The trail continues along the lakeshore until the Frederiksborg Castle.
Continue along Slotsgade and turn right onto Møntport vejen. In the white building on the corner lies Hillerød tourist information. Walk through the castle and Møntproten forward to the Baroque Garden. Here turn right and the trail continues until Jægerbakken.
Continue the ride along the lake, enjoy the view of the castle and soon you are at the town square.The trip is about 2 km long and can be done in approx. ½ hours on foot.
Although there are stairs and cobblestone at the Møntportvejen, it is possible to follow the path in a wheelchair.

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3400 Hillerød


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    Longitude : 12.300805999
    Latitude : 55.927909

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