Theatre Nordkraft

Teater Nordkraft is Aalborg's theater for the whole family. The repertoire is varied and interesting and contains something for everyone. - Teater Nordkraft is located at Aalborg's cultural center Nordkraft. The theater's capacity is approximately 250 people depending on the show.

Teater Nordkraft is a merger between two of Aalborg experienced theaters, Jako-Bole Teatret and Jomfru Ane Teatret. Jako-Bole Teatret has for more than 30 years delivered professional children's theater. Jomfru Ane Teatret has in its 40 years manifested itself as a city scene with a socially relevant, different and aggressive repertoire.

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Teglgårds plads 1, st. 3, Teater Nordkraft
9000 Aalborg


+45 98111666

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    Longitude : 9.931726
    Latitude : 57.046415

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