Toldbod Plads Fountain in Aalborg

Toldbodsplads is placed in the heart of Aalborg, near the harbour front and only a few steps away from Aalborg’s shopping streets. Placed in front of The Royal Toll Chamber at Toldbodsplads was Denmark’s first musical fountain staged in 2007.

Every day during the summer and until week 42, people in Aalborg, guests and tourists can enjoy this beautiful fountain which throws water in the air at different levels.

Four times a day – at 12, 15, 18 and 21 – you will hear an overture from Georg Friedrich Händels Water Music coming from the fountain. This music will play in around 3 minutes.

Fun, music and water
The fountain is a great place for children to play on warm summer days. Very near by you can enjoy a cold beer at John Bull Pub, eat at Café Sigurd or walk along the waterfront and enjoy the atmosphere. 

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Toldbod Plads
9000 Aalborg


+45 99 31 31 31

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Longitude : 9.922993183136
Latitude : 57.050277853268