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Risultati 51 - 100 su 277

The two German refugee cemeteries Grove and Kølvrå nearby the city Karup tell the history of the many lots of the German refugees after the second world war.A ...

Tinghallen A/S

8800, Viborg

"Tinghallen" in Viborg is a big concert- and congress centre.For further information please see

Sightseeing by train

8800, Viborg

Make a train tour with "Folkebladstoget" and learn more about Viborg's interesting history. 

The train leaves Hjultorvet og Golf Salonen the trip is an enjoyable ride for both children and adults. 

Vorde Church

8831, Løgstrup

Vorde Church is placed north of Løgstrup close to Hjarbæk Inlet. The church is built in the late 1100 century.Medievan. Highly situated - with a brilliant view...

Vinkel Church

8800, Viborg

Vinkel Church is placed in the village Vinkel about 7 km south east of Viborg and brings memories of 800 years of church building art and culture.  

Hanne Mølgaard

8800, Viborg

Two holiday apartments in beautiful nature about 5 km west from the centre of Viborg.

1 apartment (50 sqm) with own entrance, bath/toilet, fully equiped kitchen, TV (international channels), Internet...

Viborg footbal stadium was completed in 2004 and is the home ground of the local football team.The football stadium has 10.000 seats and is used for football match...

Ravnstrup Church

8800, Viborg

Ravnstup Church is placed in the village Ravnstrup, about 10 km from Viborg. The roman church was built in 1200. The roman parts of the building are made ...

Houlkær Kirke

8800, Viborg

A modern church built by the architect "Sahl" from Århus. Decorated by the artist Sonny Tronborg from Copenhagen. The church is opened as agreed befo...

Legeland Viborg

8800, Viborg

A great indoor fun-packed playland! Come and try the many activities, where there is entertainment for the whole family.

We'll make you sweat! It's all about fun in Legeland, so don't miss out on th...

Borgvold with its old rampart is the oldest and probably most beautiful park in Viborg.

Borgvold (approx. 4.5 hectares) was laid out in 1864 near the lake of "Nørresø" (Northern lake). The rampart ...


8800, Viborg

Take a walk in Latinerhaven in the middle of Viborg city and smell the many different flowers and herbs.Originally in 1726 the garden was a fire site and later...

Made by the sculptor Nummelin and the architect Frits. The decoration of the stone shows a winding worm with a runic inscription, a cross, a royal crown and th...

The memorial dolmen has the shape of a long dolmen and is placed next to Viborg Cathedral. In the middle is a granite stone with inscription. On the 30 ci...

Hald Sø, Dollerup

8800, Viborg

Lovely small beach by the lake "Hald Sø", deep water, jetty available....

From 1027 to 1655 all kings' homages took place in Viborg. Therefore this monument was set up showing Queen Margrethe I and her 9 year old nephew Erik af Pommern....

The Asmild Nature Area

8800, Viborg

Asmild Nature Area (Asmild Naturområde) is the green area south east of Viborg. The area is bounded on the north by Overlund (a suburb of Viborg), on the ...

Crazy Daisy

8800, Viborg

Crazy Daisy er en disco/pub in the center of Viborg.Minimum age: 18 years.Special parties and other arrangements.For further information please see homepage....

Guidet tours in Viborg

8800, Viborg

Take a walk around town in historic Viborg and learn about the town's exciting history.

You can order an individual guided tour of historic Viborg at the tourist information, telephone +45 87 87 88 ...

Niels Bugges Kro

8800, Viborg

The restaurant Niels Bugges Kro and the restaurant Skov are known far and wide for successfully combining the best of the Danish kitchen with exciting inspiration from the world's cui...

Lysgård Church

8800, Viborg

Lysgård Church is placed in the village Lysgaard, about 15 km south from Viborg. The church was built in roman style during the year 1200. Already since a...

E. & N. Hagn-Meincke

8800, Viborg

Cosy apartment in the old part of Viborg, close to the cathedral, the lakes and the pedestrian area.

2 bed rooms (each with 1 double bed)
Foreign TV channels
Extra bed po...


8800, Viborg

Tusindfryd is placed in the pedestrian area of Viborg, close to the Viborg Cathedral and the Tourist Information.

The shop offers:
- Café
- Clothes
- Handmade candles
- Glass workshop
- Individual cl...

Kegle med gitter

8800, Viborg

This bronze figure is placed on the lawn at Kunsthallen Brænderigården.For more information please see brochure "SkulpTUR" (price 20,- DKK).

Camp on top of a hill with a view over the valley. Payment for staying overnight to be put into the post box or to be paid at the museum's shop.Reservation recommended, p...

The CHP Plant in Viborg was built by Viborg Municipality and was completed in 1996. The plant ranks among the most advanced in terms of architecture, technolog...

Bigum Jaettestue

8830, Tjele

Jættestue (passage grave)The chamber of the passage grave is built up of 10 supporting stones and 3 cap stones and has a 4 metre long narrow passageway leading east, with a cap stone ...

"Klejtrup By- og Legepark" (town and play park) is placed in the center of the village Klejtrup and can be visited and used by everybody.When the park was esta...

Nørresøbadet, Viborg

8800, Viborg

Public beach at the lake "Nørresø", changing rooms, toilets, green areas with playground and jetty....

Forest Camp Gl. Almind

8800, Viborg

A Scout camp at the east side of the lake "Hald Sø". Spring with drinking water nearby. Open lawn between trees. Private area about 100 m south.Contact:Hald Skovpart, Telephone 0045 86 ...

Camp in Sjørup Forest

8800, Viborg

Primitive camp close to handicap path and lake. Shelters. Tap 200 m from the camp.

Contact: Naturstyrelsen, midtjylland....

Ejstrup Tent Site

8832, Skals

Meadow, which can be reached by boat via the river "Skals Å" or via a track. Fire place and wood available.The camp is placed at the end of Ejstrupvej, which starts at the church in the vill...

The statue is made of bronze. Niels Georg Morville was co-founder of The Danish Heath Association. The statue was moved to its present place in 1918....

Fem sten i granit

8800, Viborg

Made and given by Jørgensen and Thanild in 1984 in connection with the building of the new Tax Authorities offices....

Asmild Church

8800, Viborg

One of Denmark's oldest churches. In 1133 the Viborg bishop Eskild was murdered in front of the churches' high altar by King Erik Emune's men. South of the chu...

The private accommodation "Overlundbakkens Pensionat" is situated in the Eastern part of Viborg, close to the city centre and the golf course (1 km), shopping centre, the Viborg lakes with walking pat...


8800, Viborg

Pavarotti is an Italian restaurant close to the pedestrian area of Viborg.Good selection of Italian menus.Catering-service....

Søhuset (at the lake)

8800, Viborg

Nice apartment with view over the Viborg lakes and close to the centre.

The apartment has own entrance, 2 bed rooms with double beds, kitchenett and bathroom.

From all rooms beautiful view over the...

Girl with flowers

8800, Viborg

The girl with flowers is one of several girls you can see in Viborg.Bought and set up by the manufacturer Aage Sørensen, Asani.The girls are als...

Hans Tausens Minde

8800, Viborg

In 1525 Hans Tausen came to Viborg where he at "Gråbrødre Kirkegård" (churchyard) preached the thoughts of reformation. In 1529 he became the vicar of this place.

Legeland Spis&Leg

8800, Viborg

A great indoor fun-packed playland! Come and try the many activities, where there is entertainment for the whole family.

Visit the restaurant "Spis&Leg" which arranges birthday parties and other part...

Kongenshus Kro & Hotel

8800, Viborg

Hotel Kongenshus is situated at the middle of the Jutlandic heath, which gives the place a cosy atmosphere. All the food in the restaurant is made from scratch. The vegetables and herbs are grown in t...

(The World Map at Klejtrup Lake)
Take your family on a trip round the world you will never forget!

Discover the whole world in miniature, with lakes, rivers, mountains and flags! The 5.000 m2 World...

Feriebolig 8830

8830, Tjele

Holiday apartment in Løvel about 10 km north from Viborg.

The apartment (100 sqm) is equipped with large utility room, kitchen, living room with TV and bathroom. On the first floor 3 bedrooms. Extra ...

Stoholm Sportel og Sports Lab.

7850, Stoholm Jyll

Stoholm Leisure & Culture Center is situated in Stoholm, about 15 km from both Viborg and Skive.

The Center is a sports- and culture center and offers:

Handball and football training camps, lessons ...

Viskum Snaps

8830, Tjele

Viskum Snaps produces schnapps with spices and herbs. It is also possible to buy spices and herbs for your own schnapps production.You find Viskum Snaps in an old farm from 1929, about 10 minutes...

Butik Remme

8831, Løgstrup

Shop with art waves and handicraft products, design articles for house and garden, and gifts/presents for any occasion. Furthermore offers a choice of Italian ...

Gråbrødre Kloster

8800, Viborg

Monastery institution founded in the 12th century.

The Franciscan monastery was founded in 1235 as a centre for the mendicant friars. At the time of the Reformation the monks were chased out of the...

Hjarbaek Kro (Inn)

8831, Løgstrup

The inn "Hjarbæk Kro" is situated in the small harbour village Hjarbæk about 15 km northwest from Viborg.Cosy atmosphere with nice view over the fjord. Wheel chairs no problem....

Made of granite from the area around Bohus / Sweden. ...


Risultati 51 - 100 su 277