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The House of Lars Kjærs

9520, Skørping

Lars Kjær was a poacher and his wife Marie told fortunes by reading tea leaves and  tarot cards.
They lived in this beautiful small cottage in the hills of Rebild and now it is a museum showing how p...

Laus Gades Bøg (Beech)

9520, Skørping

Laus Gades Bøg (Beech)

The beech is named after a forester Laus Gade, and you will find the tree east of the magic forest area in Rold Skov. It is approx. 200 years old....

Lille Økssø (Lake)

9520, Skørping

Lake, Little Økssee, is situated approx 1 km south of the Lake, Store Økssø.

Lille Økssø is a tiny lake, covering only ½ a hectar. The lake is remains of a much larger lake, that over the time has b...

The stream Lindenborg Å  is very rich in water and constant in its flow. (From a Danish point of view). The land it cuts through, is very varied, and the river changes from straight passages with rap...

Max Henius was the founder of Rebild Nationalpark in 1912....

On Saturday the 3rd of Mai 1995, on the 45th anniversary of the Liberation of Denmark, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik unveiled a monument at Rebild, in honour of the 69 allied airmen who we...

Mosskovegen (Oak)

9520, Skørping

Not far away from the town Skørping, you find the oak Mosskov-oak.

It is situated close to the lake St. Økssø. The tree is planted approx. 1900- it is preserved and is beeing photographed every 10th...

Guide in Rold Forest

9520, Skørping

Rold Forest is the biggest Forest in Denmark. Book a Guide: 1 Hour DKK 500, and each following hour DKK 300,-.Booking:Rebild Turistbureau, KulturS...

A monument open to the public. Niels Erik Vangsted was killed by the Germans the 18th of August 1943 - buried in Aalborg. During the funeral of this man 10.000 - 15.000 people gathered outside the ch...

Ravnkilden (Spring)

9520, Skørping

Ravnkilde (the Ravens Spring) is located north-northwest of the hills Rebild Bakker.

Ravnkilde is a seepagespring. 

Brochure in Danish, English and German....

Rebild is the name of a little village approx. 25 km south of Aalborg.

The Rebild Nationalpark is a part of Himmerland consisting of hills covered with heather, purchased in 1911 by a group of Ameri...

Ritmesterens Bøg (Beech)

9520, Skørping

The beech is named after a forester (Ritmesteren) from Rold Skov.
You find the tree west of St. Økssø (lake) and it is approx. 100 years old....

Rold Skov (Forest)

9520, Skørping

The forest Rold Skov is not only Denmark´s largest forest, it is also an enchanted, seven-league forest with remarkable natural phenomena and places of interest from the famous Troldeskov (Troll Fore...

Springkilden (The Spring)

9520, Skørping

This spring in Rold Skov is situated southwest from the hotel Rold Stor Kro, and here you can see how much power the water has....

There are about 230 ancient burial mounds in Rold Forest.

The map " Værd at se i Rold Skov ", shows where to find all monuments of antiquity.

You can buy the map at Rebild Tourist Office....

The dolmen "Ønskestenen" (the wishing stone) is situated close to Skørping Town. The story is, if you say your wish here, it will be fulfilled....


Store Blåkilde (great blue spring) is located south-southwest of Madum Sø.

The spring is preserved and collecting of plants and animals is prohibited.
Brochure in Danish, English and German...

St. Økssø (Lake)

9520, Skørping


Store Økssø is situated west of Mosskov Pavillon.

During summer the lake is fine for bathing and in winter it is fine for skating.

Fishing is allowed.

Brochure in Danish, German and English...

Teglsø (Lake)

9520, Skørping

Teglsø (lake)
Located in the western part of the forest. Main attraction is the impressive juniper berry stands surrounding the lake. There are routes near the lake, where you may go, but it is a priv...

You find Troldeskoven in the forest Rold Skov - in the nationalpark area Rebild Bakker.
Troldeskoven (the magic forest), is situated south of the hills and here are the beech trees form "eye trees". ...

Bælum Mill

9574, Bælum

Windmill from 1750 - has been in service untill about 1965. The mill is in perfect condition and is a landmark for Bælum. It has been repaired in 1996 and again in 1998 where the mill had new wings.

© Kaj Fjendbo

Spøttrup Cirklen

7860, Spøttrup

Association of local craftsmen in the Spøttrup Area....

© Alek Krylow

Den nye Jettestue

7884, Fur

Exiting gallery and sculpture garden were you can enjoy your own lunch.
The gallery sells art supplies for water colouring and acrylic painting.
Parking and entrance from Nr. Debel. Bed & Breakfast....

Hjardemål Dune Church

7741, Frøstrup

Kontakt: Henning Lund, Noerrevej 2, 7700 Thisted, Tlf. 97995280. Hjardemaal Klit got its own church in1895. The organ and altarpiece were donated by Peder P. Hedegaard, a wholesaler and company direct...

Sculpture Garden Thy

7755, Bedsted Thy

THE SCULPTURE GARDEN (SKULPTURHAVEN) IN THY lies in an 11000m2 large garden, bordering onto Thy National Park. It contains always more then 100 sculptures outside and inside, and is one of the largest...

Samsø Museumsgård

8305, Samsø

Museumsgården was built in 1917 as a copy of an old Nordby farmhouse.
The original thatched roof was replaced in 1928 with a tiled roof because of fire hazard. The farmhouse is equipped with an interi...

A small, cosy museum, with changing exhibitions, offering an artistic and cultural experience and an interesting meeting with nature. The museum is created by the storyteller Gunnar Iversen and artist...

© VisitMariagerfjord

During summer part of the Antique Shop is reserved for an Art Exhibition with contemporary art from local and national artists. Throughout the year a more permanent exhibition of Stoneware Sculptures ...

© Jernved Mejeri

Jernved Dairy

6771, Gredstedbro

We produce our own cheeses and butter, following old traditions.
Meet us on Skibbroen in Ribe, every Wednesday from 9-14, from May-September.

Shop/Opening hours: Thu -Fri 10.00-17.30 and Sat 09.00...

Enghavegård Osteri, © Enghavegård Osteri

Enghavegaard Cheese Specialist is located beautifully at the inlet of the river Varde Å, into the bay, Ho Bugt.

Production includes different types of Danish cheeses, and assorted dessert cheeses.


Havnø Mill

9560, Hadsund

Havnø Mill is an old windmill from 1842 which has been fully restored.

The Mill is a Dutch thatched mill built in connection with the manor Havnø and is the oldest windmill in North Jutland. The mill...

Højriis Slot & Gods

7900, Nykøbing M

One of Denmark's most beautiful neo-Gothic castles!
Højriis is first mentioned in 1397. Knight Johan Berg Sharp, the then owner, was one of Queen Margrethe's main advisers. Sharp Berg was a powerful ...

Morsø Traktormuseum

7900, Nykøbing M

Morso Tractor Museum is the oldest tractor museum, in Denmark. The collection was founded more than 30 years ago, and opened on October 23rd, 1980..

Exhibited are no less than 100 different tractors,...

At Jyllands Aquarium, we offer an ocean of adventures for you and the whole family.

BIG NEWS. Now you can experience a 15 meter long model of a Sperm Whale in JyllandsAkvariet. The giant model is inc...

Spøttrup Castle

7860, Spøttrup

Spøttrup Castle, in Salling, is Denmark’s most well preserved medieval castle!

The Castle oozes of medieval times like nowhere else in Denmark. The museum offers numerous activities, such as role pl...

Kystcentret i Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

The west coast's biggest exploratorium centre, offers something for both adults and kids! Everyone can learn something here, through our activities - and like our motto: "Sand, Water and Entertainment...

© Vordingborg Borgcenter

Danmarks Borgcenter

4760, Vordingborg

The Goose Tower lies in Vordingborg. It is Denmark’s best preserved castle tower, and represents one of Vordingborg’s main landmarks. Once, Vordingborg was a political and military centre of power and...

Liselund Slot - bautifully standing in romantic gardens - is now a museum.Guidede rounds.  ...

Liselund old castle

4791, Borre

Liselund Gl. SlotGuided rounds. ...

Jungshoved church

4720, Præstø

Jungshoved church is beautifully situated nearby the the banks of Stavreby cove and the place, where Jungshoved castle lay in former times.The oldest part of the church is built in the years 1225...

© Galleri Galschiøt

Gallery Galschiøt

5270, Odense N


Visit Jens Galschiot and experience one of Denmark's most spectacular and largest privately owned art workshops. On an area stretching 8...

Jens Galschiøt's skulpture of Hans Christian Andersen on a bench in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Odense, © VisitOdense

Jens Galschiøt's 5 sculptures depicting respectively H.C. Andersen on the bench, 3 pillars with the little mermaid, Clumsy Hans and the Tin Soldier, and a bench with feet to sit on....

© Skagen Glaspusteri

Skagen Glaspusteri

9990, Skagen

The glass artist Jonas Brus Stæhr has established his workshop in Skagen Torvehal.

Here you can experience the work with glas. See and buy the final result and works of art.

Welcome to the glassstor...

© Skagen Turistforening

The local history archive is housed in the former courthouse and prison.

Here visitors can find books, movies, photos, maps and other papers of family history and local history interest.

The archive...

© knud mortensen

The location of Bjerreby Church today since 1905 is the erstwhile site of an old Roman fildstone church. The old church was pulled down and the present church built on the old site. The church, consis...

© knud mortensen

Bregninge kirke

5700, Svendborg

Bregninge church is without any doubt the most visitd church in Denmark in terms of the number of tourists per annum - not perhaps so much because of the building itself, but for the fantastic view fr...

Brudager Kirke

5882, Vejstrup

The small church lying in the middle of the village has a Roman nave built frome rough fildstones....

In Svendborg there are 800 catholics among 25 nationalities. The biggest group is the Vietnamese whith abt. 350 persons.The catholic church of the town is consecrated to St. Knud and was est...


Risultati 6951 - 7000 su 8693