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Valloe Church

4600, Køge


The Church may be built on top of an earlier burial mound and is high on the slope down to the tryggevealde River Valley. It was built in the Romanesque period IE. 1080-1175 and belongs to the...

© Marianne Diers

Hørve Kirke

4534, Hørve

Hørve Kirke, built approx. 1100, is one of the few churches in which one can view well-preserved Medieval-style frescos from the Post-Reformation period, i.e. dated to 1564.

King Christian the IV's ...

Philosophers Benches

4673, Rødvig Stevns


Philosopher's Benches.

There are no signs leading to the philosopher's benches. They are to be
discovered on a hike or a bicycle tour.
In common they have the special views - to the water, to...


Tryggevaelde River valley.

The river Tryggevaelde is one of Zealands largest rivers. It starts at Ulse lake at Bregentved. The river has 19 tributarys the largest being Stevns river, that st...

Hiking path along Stevns Klint

4660, Store Heddinge



Stevns footpath is a particular path. More than 50 landowners have an agreement with the Municipality of Stevns to allow the footpath to pass over their property.

With Stevns walki...

Stroeby Church

4671, Strøby


The church is made up of chancel

Built of limestone ashlars, and additions built in late gothic style.

In the church fresco painted geometrical ornaments and beautiful representations of th...

Stevns Valmenighed

4660, Store Heddinge


Stevns Valmenighed.

South in the parish and quite lonely is the small independent congregation church built 1887th

It is a whitewashed slaterooft longhouse built of limestone ashlars. The ch...

Stevns Museum

4660, Store Heddinge

Stevns -

Stevns Museum

The exhibition at Stevns Museum features the unique geology of Stevns Klint and the centuries old history of the coexistence of man and Cliff.

Stevns Klint obtained worldwide...

Stevns Klint was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List of natural properties in 2014. This is why Stevns Museum presents an exhibition on the criteria governing the selection of a World Heritage...

Stevns Lighthouse

4660, Store Heddinge


Stevns lighthouse.

The lighthouse of Stevns is a unique, historical monument. It is 27 m. high
and situated at the eged of the Cliff of Stevns, 42 m. above the see.
It offers a magnificent v...

© Marianne Diers

Vallekilde Kirke

4534, Hørve

Vallekilde Kirke is one of Denmark's oldest village churches. The church was rebuilt as a Gothic church during the 1400s and has only undergone slight changes over the past 500 years.

The year 1575 i...

© Lone Harboe

Gallery Harboe

8300, Odder

Lone Harboe possesses a natural talent that has made it possible for her to be full-time artist since 1990. Her art she is characterized as abstract, figurative and she paints preferably with acrylic ...

© knud mortensen

Ice from Skarø

5700, Svendborg


5700, Svendborg
© Mønsted Kalkgruber, Stoholm

The greatest calk mine in the world have more than 60 kilometres of walking tours, multimedia shows with history and movies about bats and geology.

The mine train departs from the factory, passes hug...

Take a stroll in the park, rest on the benches overlooking the reflecting pond and enjoy the scented roses. Walk through the three-hundred-year-old oak tree grove and enjoy the breathtaking view from ...

Merløsegaard Manor

4370, Store Merløse

Merløsegaard dates all the way back to 1679. The property is well sited in an elevated position and surrounded by undulating countryside and 300-year-old oak trees. The main building was rebuilt afte...

Skjoldenæsholm Estate

4174, Jystrup Midtsj

Historically, Skjoldenæsholm dates back to the Middle Ages. The present main building was erected in 1766 in Neo-classicistic style. Skjoldenæsholm today, is a beautifully renovated and well...

Skjoldenæsholm Park

4174, Jystrup Midtsj

Skjoldenæsholm is situated in the hilly countryside near Zealand's highest point, Gyldenløves Høj.The garden is 10 hectares with a lake of 8 hectares called Gårdsø (lake ...

The Forest of Skjoldenæsholm

4174, Jystrup Midtsj

InZealand's hilly countryside between Roskilde and Ringsted you'll find the Forest of Skjoldenæsholm. The forest lies on a terminal moraine, which has created the very hilly country.


Naestved Automobil Museum

4700, Næstved

Welcome to Næstved Automobile Museum, with 3.000m2 filled with: cars, motorcycles, mopeds, farm machinery, aircrafts, workshops and small shops from the 50s and much more ......

© Leander Icon Art Design

Leander Icon Art Design

6000, Kolding

Leander Icon Art Design's studio is owned by Mogens Leander, who founded: The New Icon School of Denmark in 1984. Unique art of painting - icons - objects - bronze figurines and art installations. In ...

© Keld Skytte Petersen

The island Æbelø on top of Funen is a unique place to visit.

Nobody lives there anymore, and the island was designated a nature preserve in 1998 in roder to conserve and restore the natural developme...

© Ole Friis Mikkelsen

Hamlets Grav

4571, Grevinge

This beautiful long barrow in Grevinge forrest from the neolithic period is called "Hamlet's tomb" - though it is probably not.
The long barrow in the eastern end of the forrest is 39 m long and 9 m w...

© Bøge Design

Bøge Design

4140, Borup

Handmade pixies/gnomes from Bøge Design. New models each year since 1996. 

The Christmas is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm, or by appointment, tel: +45 57 52 22 24


© John Olsen/

The Centre of Denmark

4581, Rørvig

"The Centre of Denmark" - is officially situated 55° 58" north and 11° 46" east, on Lokkemosevej, approx. 1,5 km north of Rørvig in Odsherred. "The Centre of Denmark" is marked by a boulder and an inf...

Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

8740, Brædstrup

Sdr. Vissing Torvehal is a modern farm shop, which has put together a wide variety of quality products from local suppliers. A wide variety of second-to-none taste sensations and exciting products. Th...

© Ole Friis Mikkelsen

The Ulkerup Souls

4500, Nykøbing Sj

In 2010 a sculpture group of seven cowl-clad Ulkerup Souls was erected on the cleared village site in Ulkerup Forest so that the legend about the vanished people could be visualized as a part of the t...

© Susanne Reiff

Kærehave Wood

4100, Ringsted

Privately owned wood within walking distance from the town. Free entrance from 6 am till sunset....

© Nørre Vosborg, Vemb

Visit the castle, Nörre Vosborg in Vemb

Exhibitions, concerts, hotel and restaurant. A meeting place for Art, culture and business community.

Stay in one of the castle comfortable, modern and new fu...

Holtug chalk quarry

4660, Store Heddinge

Stevns -

Until 1972 Holtug chack pit, was active. In 1991 the pit was sold to the state who made it into a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

In the pit you can find a broad variety of ...

Vantage point Flagbanken

4660, Store Heddinge

Stevns -


The former military area on Mandehoved, has a fantastic view over the 40 meter high cliff of Stevns, it is possible to rest here for hikers.

There are benches and tables, and ...

© Produktejer

Visit the live Soap Workshop, accomnmodated  in cosy Oluf I. Jensens Gård!

Here you can watch how the soap is made all the way from the beginning with pure organic oils, and you can explore an oasis ...

© Produktejer

Køge Museum

4600, Køge

From April 1 2013 to December 2014 - ist clossed for renovation

Local museum placed in an old building from about 1619.


Rold Kildebæk (Spring)

9520, Skørping

Little Spring in the forest, is located in the southern part of Rold Skov. ...

© Marianne Diers

Høve Mill

4550, Asnæs

Høve Mill is located by Høve Stræde with a wonderful view of the Sejerøbugt. Originally Høve Mill was a post mill, but is was rebuilt as a dutch windmill in 1876. 

Høve Mill became an eatery approx. ...

© Patrick Holbek

Roskilde Fjord

4000, Roskilde

Roskilde Fjord features one of Denmark’s most beautiful and diverse landscapes. The narrow inlet, which extends 40 km into the Zealand landscape, is dotted with around 30 small islands and islets, hom...

© Produktejer

Rosenbæk Vine - Køge

4681, Herfølge

Small Danish vineyard producing red, white and rosé wines as well as dessert wines and cherry wines.

We started when Denmark was recognised as a wine producing country in 2000 – and vines have been d...

© Visit Middelfart

Growers Cup

5500, Middelfart

Micro Roastery Growers Cup


© Destination Sydvestjylland

Skulpturhaven (Sculpture Garden) is an area around Amtmandens Have, Bachmanns Vandmølle and Vidåen that provide the setting for a number of beautiful sculptures in Tønders urban environment....


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