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© Harboore Kirke

Harboöre Kirke

7620, Lemvig

In the 16th century Harboøre's first church was founded

It was demolished in 1909.

The present church was erected in 1910. The blocks of granite in the tower are from the old church. The inside of t...

© Heldum Kirke, Lemvig

Heldum Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Heldum

The Church of Heldum is a small Church with choir and ship. The porch on the southside is from 1909....

© Hospitalsbunkeren, Lemvig

The Hospital Bunker at Rom Airfield

The hospital bunker was the largest concrete shelter of the airfield with a floor space of 22,2 x 12,8 metres.The hospital was only meant to be used in connection ...

© Hove Kirke, Lemvig

Hove Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Hove

The Church consist of a choir and ship from about 1100, with a Tower from 1500....

© Klosterheden, Lemvig

Dog forest in Klosterheden

The dog forest at Sønderby in Klosterheden is a fenced-in area of about nine hectares. Here the dogs can play without a leash but always with a companion.

There is a larg...

© Hygum Kirke, Harboöre

Hygum Kirke, Harboöre

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Hygum was built in 1100

The Church consist of a Romanesque choir and ship with 3 extension. A Tower in the western side, a sacristy North from the Choir....

© Kabbel, Lemvig

Kabbel, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

A walking tour around Kabbel

At Kabbel, just north of Lemvig, there is a row of hills almost 100 m high, covered in fertile fields and scored by tree-clad clefts.

The walking tour around Kabbel foll...

© Lemvig Kirke, Lemvig

Lemvig Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Lemvig

Romanesque church was built of rough granite stone during th years 1200 to 1250. Stones in the base of the church and in the font - with carved rope ornament - date back to this ...

© Valgmenighedskirke, Lemvig

The free church of Lemvig called " Johanneschurch"

The church was built in 1883 by constructer A. Bentsen, Vallekilde. The church consist of a octagonal aisle, of which there is 4 short cross arms wi...

© Charlotte Eland

Danish painter. Contact me for a visit in my workshop, and have a look at colourful paintings, hear about working methods and the inspiration....

© Moborg Kirke, Lemvig

Møborg Kirke, Lemvig

7660, Bækmarksbro

The Church of Möborg

In the porch is a old chest from 1621, there were used for the churces preciousness. In the altarpiece is a alabaster picture from the year 1400....

© Bent Sørensen

Gelsted Church

5591, Gelsted

Like most other village churches, this church was built in stages.

The oldest part originates from o. 1200, the choir was added o. 1450 – 1500. The weaponry was built in 1721.
Originally a roman styl...

© Nees Kirke, Lemvig

Nees Kirke, Vemb

7570, Vemb

The Church of Nees

The church is built of fieldstone. The altarpiece is in Renaissance style and the pulpit in baroque style....

© Norlem Kirke, Lemvig

Nørlem Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Nørlem Church is located on the eastern ridge above Lemvig

From the church tower you can look out over the Lim Fiord all the way to the North Sea. The tower was built in the late Gothic period (from...

© Nr. Nissum Kirke, Lemvig

The Church of Nörre Nissum

The church's choir and ship is built in the year 1100. The tower and porch is from about the year 1500. Romanesque church....

© Bent Sørensen

Nørre Aaby Church

5580, Nørre Aaby

Originally the church was a Romanesque style church; presumably build late 12thcentury and early 13thcentury. Some Romanesque details can still be spotted. Changings were later made in Gothic style, a...

© Bent Sørensen

Kauslunde Church

5500, Middelfart

Of the Romanesque church from around 1200 some of the walls are preserved, ex. the north wall of the choir. It is built of field stones, while the base is of hewn stone. In 1400 the church was rebuilt...

© Bent Sørensen

Fjelsted Church

5463, Harndrup

Fjelsted church is located picturesquely in the middle of the old village. There it  has been located for about 800 years. In the Middle Ages the church was consecrated St. Laurentius.

The Late Midd...

© Bent Sørensen

Asperup Church

5466, Asperup

Asperup Church
The old church in Asperup dates from app. year 1180. It is not often, that a village church can be dated so precisely, but when the church was renovated in the 1980’s a wooden window fr...

© Bent Sørensen

Gamborg Church

5500, Middelfart

The church, situated on a ridge north of the town, has a Romanesque chancel and nave, built of rough boulders on uneven, rough-hewn granite base.

The choir's east end is a Romanesque stone figure of ...

© Bent Sørensen

Brenderup Church

5464, Brenderup Fyn

Brenderup Church
The church originates from the 13th century as a roman style church, with choir and apses. Several parts added in 1450 – 1550 changed the look of the church, so it is now presented as...

© Bent Sørensen

Røjleskov Church

5500, Middelfart

Røjleskov Church

The church is erected in 1914 and is made out of limestone. There is room for up to 150 persons inside the church. Architect is N.P. Jensen, Odense....

© Bent Sørensen

Roerslev Church

5466, Asperup

The first church in Roerslev originates from the 1200th century. The oldest parts of the choir and navel still exist, was built in Roman style and inaugurated to Sct. Peter.

In the 15th century the c...

© Bent Sørensen

Ejby Church

5592, Ejby

Ejby Church
An old roman style church stood formerly here, with a church tower in late gothic style added. In 1842 the roman style parts were destroyed, and the present parts of the church were erecte...

© Bent Sørensen

Harndrup Church

5463, Harndrup

The church is built o. year 1100, and is situated 19 Km. from Middelfart....

© Bent Sørensen

Balslev Church

5592, Ejby

Balslev Church
The church dates from o. 1150. The organ is built by Bruno Christensen in 1974 and has 7 organtones. The church accommodates 125 persons....

Spinderihallerne, © Spinderihallerne


7100, Vejle

For more than a century, Spinderihallerne, an old cotton mill from 1896, was the industrial backbone of the city’s working-class neighbourhood, Vestbyen. In those days, Vejle was the nation’s principa...

Rikke Elgaard

8600, Silkeborg

Ceramicist from Silkeborg. Takes part in the annual “Åbne Atelierdøre” (open workshops) event....

O Lediggang, Lemvig

7650, Bøvlingbjerg

O idleness

O, idleness, idleness! You are the vital air of innoncence and inspiration; the blessed breathe you, and blessed is he who possesses and preserves you, o holy treasure! only fragment of go...

© Ramme Kirke, Lemvig

Ramme Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Ramme

The leadroofing Church of Ramme, lay in the South end of the city Ramme. In the church is a Romanesque choir and ship and a sengotisk west - tower....

© Rom Kirke, Lemvig

Rom Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Rom

The Church was originally a district church, that's why its that small. The churc's inside wall is made of plane ashlar....

© Lemvig Turistbureau

The Sculpture Path in Lemvig

Torvald Westergaard was a very famous sculptor. This route comprises 54 of his sculptures.

The path leads you by a collection of 54 sculptures made by Torwald Westergaar...

© Vandretur, Vandborg

The trail in Vandborg Ådal

The trail in Vandborg Ådal (’stream valley’) lies about 8 kilometres west of Lemvig.  The trail is 4,5 kilometres long and there are two options for where to start:

- Vand...

© Sporet Bovling, Lemvig

The trail at Bøvling Fjordvej

The trail at Bøvling Fjordvej lies about two kilometres south of the village of Bøvlingbjerg north of Nissum Fjord.

The trail begins and finishes at Bøvling Harbour whe...

© Sporet Hogsgaard, Lemvig

The trail at Høgsgård and Hunskjær

The trail at Høgsgård and Hunskjær lies about eight kilometres east of Lemvig. The marked route is about 2,5 kilometres long.

For the sake of the heifers, it is im...

© Lemvig Sodal, Lemvig

Södalen, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

A walking tour in Sødalen

The tour through Sødalen Valley is a walk through what geologists call 'a glacial landscape series', i.e. a range of different kinds of landscape formed by an ice front duri...

Vejle's pedestrian street, © VisitVejle

The perfect place for a shopping spree is along Vejle’s 900-metre pedestrian street that features a wide range of boutiques and cafés. Vejle’s quaint pedestrian street and its many side streets offer ...

Den Smidtske Gård, © VisitVejle

In 1799, the merchant A.I. Smidt started the old merchant house, which was built by builder Anders Christensen Kruuse together with architect and sculptor Jens Hjernøe. Today, the merchant house ...

Tróndur, © VisitVejle


7100, Vejle

The Tróndur multi-storey car park is a prominent landmark. The main stairway facing Volmers Plads is designed as a large stained glass artwork created by the celebrated Faroese glass artist Tróndur Pa...

© Peder Fjordvang

The Vejle Bridge

7100, Vejle

Straddling the Vejle Inlet is the magnificent Vejle Bridge, which was inaugurated on 1 July 1980. The bridge over the Vejle Inlet is a classical example of a cantilever bridge. Designed to visual...

© Lemvig Turistbureau

Thyborøn Kirke

7680, Thyborøn

The church of Thyborøn

The original church was constructed in 1908 expanded in 1936-37 with capacity of 350 visitors. In 2009 the church was teared down due to the fact that wind and weather had made...


Risultati 7201 - 7250 su 8693