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4500, Nykøbing Sj

The artist group MORILD and guest artists exhibit a collection of art and handicraft.

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Odsherreds Naturskole

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Odsherreds Naturskole is in charge of nature arrangements for institutions, schools, associations and private groups. Classroom, wet room and handicap toilet are available. The school h...

© Marianne Diers

Kong Øres Grav

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Kongsøre Forrest on the Isefjord has an incredibly rich collection of ancient monuments. The long dolmen barrow of King Øres Graves lies in the heart of the soutern part of the wood and
consists of a...

Sommerland Sjælland

4572, Nørre Asmindrup

Pack your family and the picnic basket for a fun trip in the open and take your time to share and enjoy the adventures in the amusement park Sommerland Sjælland. Children as well as adults in their se...


4540, Fårevejle

Vejrhøj is 121 meter above sea level and it is Zealands third highest point. Vejrhøj was created during the Ice Age about 15.000 years ago and on the range of hills round Vejrhøj some monuments of ant...

Dragsholm Slotspark

4534, Hørve

Dragsholm Slotspark was originally established as a baroque garden, but in the 19th century it was partly transformed into English garden style.
In connection with this change, several exotic trees ha...

© John Olsen/

In connection with the centennial celebration of the drainage project of the Lammefjord on the 3rd of April 1973, Queen Margrethe II revealed a memorial stone on the dike.

The stone was created by t...

© Marianne Diers


4534, Hørve

The church is designed by architect Andreas Bentsen who worked
as a tradesman at the folk high school for several years.

His son, architect Ivar Bentsen was in charge of the great rebuilding 1919-1...

Galleri Laurine

4583, Sjællands Odde

I live in one of the most beautiful spots in Denmark which offers almost any kind of nature, on the long, narrow isthmus stretching into the sea with Sejerø Bay on one side and Kattegat on the other.

© Trædrejeværkstedet


4571, Grevinge

Open workshop with exhibition. Handicraft items for everyday use in completely turned wood - up to 110 cm in diameter. Wooden handicraft.
Unique specimen turned in wood directly from the trunk. Sculpt...

© Marianne Diers

"The father of drainage" is the inscription on the pedestal of the statue of Baron G.F. Zypthen Adeler that was erected in Fårevejle Stationsby in 1928.

Zytphen Adeler was born in Copenhagen in 1810 ...

© Marianne Diers

Nørre Asmindrup Kirke

4572, Nørre Asmindrup

The church is from the middle of the 12th century and has a Romanesque choir and a choir of granite boulders.
About 1450 the church was over-vaulted and the walls
were heightered with a simpel Gothic...

© Marianne Diers

Vig Kirke

4560, Vig

The church is a Romanesque church from around 1100, simple and beautiful. The altar piece and sacristan chair are from the middle of 17th century, created by Lorentz Jørgensen.

Chancel arch crucifix...

Odsherred Fire museum

4550, Asnæs

Fireman for a day? Visit Odsherred Brandmuseum in Asnæs and see the more than 20 fire engines from 1864 and up till 1970.

Many of the vehicles may be touched and tried, and you can also see the large...

© Marianne Diers

Grevinge Kirke

4571, Grevinge

Until 1933 the church belonged to the University of Copenhagen.

In the altar part in the church we find Niels Larsen-Stevns fresco
from 1924 (the resurrection and the ascension) and in the nave we f...

In 1904, a farmer found the skeleton of a huge aurochs dating back more than 10.000 years. Today, the skeleton can be seen at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen, but a memorial stone has been er...

© Marianne Diers

Birkehøj Passage Graves

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Birkehøj Passage Graves by Nyrup contain the longest burial chamber on Sealand ( 11m - 2m - 2m), constructed 5200 years ago. Visible from the main road and easily accessible....

© Galleri irenesmalerier

An intriguing and poetic gallery with colourful and happy paintings in oil and acrylics by the visual artist Irene Larsen.

The primarioy intuitive paintings appeal to the imagination and often lead t...

© VisitOdsherred


4581, Rørvig

In 1807 fieldworks for ships, which sailed into the creek, were built. The creek has been used as a war harbour for centuries - it was also used as a war harbour before the fieldworks were built....

Tabitha Rundin - Galleri 18

4500, Nykøbing Sj

The gallery is situated in lovely nature with a view of Nykøbing Bay. Tabitha Rundin exhibits her own works in acrýlics on canvas.

The source of inspiration is nature, people and things from the ever...


4583, Sjællands Odde

The monument is placed in memory of the Danish naval hero Peter Willemoes and 63 other warriors from the line ship "Prins Christian Frederik" fighting 3 hours against 5 British shi...

© John Olsen/

The Centre of Denmark

4581, Rørvig

"The Centre of Denmark" is officially situated 55° 58" north and 11° 46" east, on Lokkemosevej, approx. 1,5 km north of Rørvig in Odsherred.

The spot is marked by a boulder and an information board, ...

© Ole Friis Mikkelsen

The Ulkerup Souls

4500, Nykøbing Sj

In 2010 a sculpture group of seven cowl-clad Ulkerup Souls was erected on the cleared village site in Ulkerup Forest so that the legend about the vanished people could be visualized as a part of the t...

Høve Mill

4550, Asnæs

Høve Mill is located by Høve Stræde with a wonderful view of the Sejerøbugt.

Originally Høve Mill was a post mill, but is was rebuilt as a dutch windmill in 1876. 

Høve Mill became an eatery approx....

© Annemariedesign


4560, Vig

An interestin glass gallery with own works as well as bronze art from Athens, raku-burnt from Skagen og local silver jewels design. Altid new and surprising items. Also open as per appointment....


4500, Nykøbing Sj

Annebergparken is a former psychiatric hospital, located at Egebjergvej about 2 kms south of Nykøbing Sj. by the end of Grønnehave Forest  and with a superb view of the Isefjord. The many buildings in...

Vallekilde High School

4534, Hørve

Vallekilde Folk High School was founded by Ernst Trier in 1865 and the buildings were designed by ther architect Martin Nyrop who also  designed Copenhagen City Hall. The style has reminders of Nordic...

Håndværksmuseet contains a large collection of complete wokshops with workshop material and tools. The visitors may in an interesting manner experience the provincial town's old trades and acquire an ...

Galleri Dahl

8970, Havndal

Exciting gallery with changing exhibitions of new Danish art as well as permanent artists. Former exhibitors in the gallery are represented with a few works. Annually returning exhibition with bird an...


8900, Randers C

Kulturhuset (the House of Culture) holds the main library of the neighbourhood of Randers in the ground floor, the Museum of Culture History on the first floor and the Art Gallery of Randers on the se...

Museum Østjylland - Cultural History Museum Randers was founded in 1872, making it one of the oldest and biggest local museums in Denmark. The exhibitions tell the story of life in the area from the f...


8900, Randers C

The Concert Hall & Theatre Værket is housed by the town's old heat and power station which has now been renovated. Værket holds five stages with different opportunities that offers cultural activities...

Byport 2

8900, Randers C

Byport 2 (Town Gate 2) is executed by Jens Flemming Sørensen and was revealed in 1996. It was donated by Den Selvejende Institution Randers Teater (The Private Foundation Randers Theatre) in memory of...

Galleri NICLAU

8970, Havndal

Galleri NICLAU – is a cosy small gallery situated in a beautiful scenery in Eastjutland, where the artist and craftsman Bruno Nielsen exhibits paintings and ceramics from his own workshop.

Houlbjerg Church

8870, Langå

Houlbjerg Kirke is from approximately year 1200. The church's altarpiece is a beautiful Lutheran triptych from 1598. It has paintings from the 19th century with a copy of Guido Reni's "Christmas night...

Voldum Kirke

8370, Hadsten

Throughout time, the church has had a close connection with Clausholm Slot (the Castle of Clausholm). The church is built on the remnants of an older church that cracked and collapsed in 1606. The equ...

Randers Dyrehave (Randers Deer Forest) was established in 1994 in part of Fladbro Skov and covers an area of about 13½ acres of which 4 acres are under grass. The animals have fresh spring water most ...

Gudenåparken (The Park of the Gudenå River) is a 28 acres large natural area by the Gudenå river less than 1 kilometre from Randers city centre. Originally, the area was a part of the Gudenå river del...

Kristrup Kirke

8960, Randers SØ

From the original Romanesque church which was dedicated to St. Anna only a small part facing west is preserved. The existing building consisting of nave, choir and sacristy as well as porch stems for ...

Skt. Andreas Kirke

8930, Randers NØ

St Andreas the Apostle gave the name to the church as Peder and Andreas were brothers and as St. Andreas parish was separated from St. Peder's parish. According to tradition, Andreas was executed on a...

Juel Sandberg

8960, Randers SØ

Juel SandbergUnique bags and belts Designed and created in our own workshop in Denmark. No two products are the same, every single one has its own unique identity. 5% of sal...

Galleri GAK

8920, Randers NV

Galleri GAK is the place where you find happy all-round art. The gallery primarily exhibits works of art by the artist couple Jette Aaquist and Jan Toft. The art ranges from acrylic p...

© Roskilde Museum

Museum of Tools

4000, Roskilde

The Museum of Tools in Roskilde shows workshops and tools dating back to 1800 – 1950 used by different kinds of woodworkers like wheelrights, carpenters, shoemakers and wood carvers as well as for for...

The Vildtbane Stone

4040, Jyllinge

The single-stone monument from 1775 is in its original place at the border of the king's hunting grounds.
The damm used to cross Værebro Creek and dates from approx. 730....

© Patrick Holbek

"Folkeparken" is a marvellous large green park in the heart of Roskilde with small lakes, big green trees and an amphitheatre. The park is used for a wide range of local events like fun runs, theatre ...

© Galleri LABR

Galleri LABR

4000, Roskilde

The Galleri LABR in Roskilde represents a wide range of modern art by established and upcoming Danish & foreign artists. It is an untraditional gallery which is mirrored in the art as well as the inte...

© Sct. Jørgensbjerg Kirke

Sct. Jørgensbjerg Church

4000, Roskilde

Sct. Jørgensbjerg church is situated on top of Sct. Jørgensbjerg hill with a lovely view of Roskilde Fjord. The oldest parts of the travertine church are the choir and the nave from the 11th century. ...


Risultati 7301 - 7350 su 8683