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© visit svendborg

Skarø lies at the mouth of Svendborgsund and is serviced by the same ferry as the one serving Drejø. Thanks to the frequent ferry connection Skarø has many day trippers who profit from the fact t...

© Karen Folker VN

Hornbæk Kunstnerne

3100, Hornbæk

We are an association of active artists and craftsmen.

Our  biggest event is Kunst på Molen at Hornbæk Harbour in the first weekend of July. 10.000-12.000 visitors come to meet the artists and crafts...

Vision of an art museum in Hornbæk

The purpose of the support association "Støtteforeningen Hornbæk Kunstmuseum" is together with  the Fund Hornbæk Art Museum, to build a museum on the corner of Kyst...

© galleri sandal

Gallery Sandal

4400, Kalundborg

cosy Gallery for the whole family. Also small café where it is possible to buy coffe, tea, cakes and more. Painting corner for children...

© Allerslev Kirke

Allerslev Church

4320, Lejre

Small beautiful village church with high vaults and an unusually strong tower. Completely restored in 1996-97. Small, fine Frederik Nielsen organ. Please see the we...

© Sonnerupgaard Gods

Experience the pleasant ambience of a manor at Sonnerupgaard Gods. The manor is situated in the middle of Zealand close to pre-historic places and dates back to 1341 with its own rampart.

Apart from ...

The Bidstrup Forests

4330, Hvalsø

The Bidstrup Forests are a mix of hardwood and coniferous forest in a hilly terrain. They were given to the citizens of Copenhagen by the King Frederik III as an appreciation of their endeavours durin...

© Roksilde Museum

Tadre Water Mill

4330, Hvalsø

Tadre Mill from around 1840 is one of the few water mills in Denmark still working as it was originally. The history of the listed mill dates back to the 13th century. It is the last of 13 mills in t...

© Atelier & galleri JOERN

Studio & Galleri JOERN

4330, Hvalsø

Sculptor Joern Hansen works with land art - and sculptures in wood, glass, driftwood, and corten steel. 

Come visit the studio, gallery and sculpture park. There is always something to see - small an...

© Colourbox

Hvalsø Cinema

4330, Hvalsø

Established in 1942, Hvalsø Cinema is a modern member-driven cinema, where unpaid volunteers cover every aspect of running the theatre.


By the ticket sales area, Hvalsø Cinema has a cosy café t...

© Sagnlandet Lejre - levende fortid

The Land of Legends is the land, you MUST explore. Here you can sense 15,000 years living past and meet your ancestors in the Stone Age settlement, the Iron Age village, the Viking area or in the that...

© Sagnlandet Lejre - levende fortid

Land of Legends is the land you must explore. It is a 106 acre archaeological open air museum located in the Lejre Municipality, few kilometers west of Roskilde.

Land of Legends comprises reconstruc...

Near Lejre a chieftains tomb was found.Two rows of highstanding stones in the form of a ship from the Viking period - one of the largest tombs of its kind in Scandinavia.Roski...

© Lejre Museum

Lejre Museum

4320, Lejre

NOTE, LEJRE MUSEUM IS CLOSED from Dec. 22, 2014 until autumn 2015.

Lejre Museum is located in Gl. Lejre, about 10 km southwest of Roskilde in the middle of a historically unique landscape, which has ...

© Ledreborg Slotspark

Ledreborg Palace Park

4320, Lejre

Explore the impressive newly renovated park of Ledreborg Palace - a beatiful piece of nature and culture. 

The palace and the park of approx. 10 acre is one of the most complete cultural sceneries in...

© Ledreborg Slot

Ledreborg Palace situated at the end of a beautiful 7 km long avenue has been the home of the Holstein Ledreborg family since 1739 and is today one of the most impressive examples of the 18th century’...

Øm Passage Grave

4320, Lejre

The passage grave at Øm is from the Neolithic Age. The burial chamber is 7 m. long, built of 15 uprights and 4 capstones weighing several tons. A man can stand erect inside.

Open all year round. Bri...

© Jette Rau

Kornerup Stream

4320, Lejre

Kornerup Stream originates to the east of Lejre, cutting through a deep, narrow valley, running through the lakes of Kornerup Sø, Buesø, Svogerslev Sø, Lille Kattinge Sø and Store Kattinge Sø and past...

© Tim Krat

Gl. Lejre

4320, Lejre

The area around Gammel Lejre is particularly known for its wealth of historic sites and the legends of the Scyldingas. A trip to the ancient mounds and stone ships also provides plenty of opportunity ...

© Hornbeer

Hornbeer Brewery, Roskilde

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

The Hornbeer Brewery at the Marguerite Route close to Roskilde offers a selection of 20 special quality beers, a.o. Caribbean Rumstout, Beer of the Year 2008. The brewery was elected Brewery of the Ye...

© Hornbeer Bryggeri

The Hornbeer Brewery at the Marguerite Route close to Roskilde offers a selection of 20 special quality beers, a.o. Caribbean Rumstout, Beer of the Year 2008. The brewery was elected Brewery of the Ye...

© Gunhilds Galleri

Gunhild's Gallery

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Welcome to Gunhild's Gallery in the virtual world! In the real world the gallery is situated at Dyssegaard by Sæby on the Marguerite Route in the beautiful district of Hornsherred, in-between two fjor...

© Fjand Camping

Fjand Camping - Gallery

6990, Ulfborg

Fjand Camping also has a little gallery.
There the children can make their own creations....

© Herslev Bryghus

Herslev Bryghus

4000, Roskilde

Herslev Brewery is an organic brewery yard, where we use grain from our own fields.  

We brew 7 different beers throughout the year. In addition, we produce more than 10 seasonal brews. 

Each week w...

Osted Church

4000, Roskilde

The Osted Church is a large village church the construction of which mirrors  redecorations and extensions through generations.In 1986-87 the medieval gravesto...

© Tim Krat

Three natural landmarks worth visiting to the southwest of the village of Særløse

Særløse Overdrev is a picturesque ancient grassland grazed by cattle. Walkers will discover particular plants peculia...

Gevninge Trædrejeri

4000, Roskilde

Gevninge Trædrejeri is a wood turnery and a gallery.

Here you can see unique wooden bowls and wood art handmade of wood from local forests and marshes, especially from Ledreborg, Lindholm and Boserup...


4000, Roskilde

The village of Kattinge west of Roskilde is like a frozen picture of the past and present. It is a beautiful and evocative excursion spot filled with hist...

© Modavi

Modavi - Danish vineyard

7000, Fredericia

Danish vineyard, open for group-visits or in the shop on thursdays from 16.00 - 18.00...

© Holstebro Kommune

Vemb Town Park

7570, Vemb

Vemb Town Park, and the recreational areas at the banks of Storåen are popular in Vemb....

The old Latin School

4230, Skælskør

The old grammar school is constructed between 1450 and 1550 to a rectory.After the Reformation (1536) all towns had "Latin Schools" and the Building was used as such for about 200 years. It is st...

© Struer Turistbureau

Toftum Bjerge(Hills) with their 15 km of coastline are located near Humlum, roughly 7 km north of Struer. At the highest peak, Toftum Bjerge rises 50 meters above the sea. The outstanding landscape wi...

© Den Gamle By

Remember the 1970s

8000, Aarhus C

Do you remember 1970s?
Experience an entire neighbourhood from 1974 in Den Gamle By, The Old Town Museum. You can visit six different homes, a pastry shop, a radio and TV shop and a gynaecologist's cl...

Nibe Brewery

9240, Nibe

Nibe Brewery produces speciality beer, brewed with respect for the old traditions and craftsmanship. All the beer from Nibe brewery is not filtered or pasteurised which means that the best taste from ...


Vrøgum Kær

6840, Oksbøl

Urtehaven - Herb Garden

9400, Nørresundby

The Herb Garden in Nørresundby – a glimpse of the past. In Aalborg’s neighbor-city Nørresundby, you will find ‘Urtehaven’ – a unique garden with more than 300 different medicinal herbs.  

The garden ...

The Tower of Tofte

9293, Kongerslev

You reach the tower by following the path from the northern part of the parking area at the public beach. The path leads you directly to the tower through a tunnel under the highway.From the tower you...

The Dancer

9000, Aalborg

"Danserinden" (The dancer) is made by C. J. Bonnesen and placed in Kildeparken in 1936. The statue is a memorial for Elna Lassen, a young prima donna from the Danish Ballet. 

As she was on top of h...

The Sculpture Park

9000, Aalborg

Near the centre of Aalborg and Kildeparken is ”Skulpturparken” (the Sculpture Park), which is marked by art and nature. In the park you will find different monuments and sculptures made by different a...

Atelier HeNoChBa

4330, Hvalsø

Studio and Gallery Henochba is situated in beautiful surroundings on the Skjoldunge path, named
after local heroes and kings from pre-Christian mythology. The recently opened sculpture park
commands a...

© ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseeum

The 9 spaces

8000, Aarhus C

The 9 Spaces.
The exhibition The 9 Spaces is a so-called "gallery in progress" of installation art, where 1 or 2 rooms are done each year. The number 9 refers to Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy an...

© Odense Bunkermuseum

Odense Bunker Museum

5230, Odense M

Come and experience the 450 m2 large nuclear bunker that formerly housed Odense Municipality's command center. It was the place where the mayor and key personnel were to go in the worst case, during t...

Photographer: Ole Haurberg, © Fotograf: Ole Hauerberg

Aases Stenskulpturer

4060, Kirke Såby

My name is Aase Frimodt Jensen. I create stone sculptures of Danish natural stone found in the field or in gravel pits.

Stone holds great beauty, and I try to emphasize the stone's intrinsic quality....

Sthens Kirke

3000, Helsingør

Sthens Church was consecrated in 1983. A modern church with exceptional artwork by sculptor Erik Heide....

© Glim Vinmarker

Glim Vineyards are situated in the historic county of Lejre in picturesque surroundings among fields and forests. The vineyards reach into the adjacent villages of Slimminge and Tølløse, however, with...

© Carlsberg

Carlsberg Breweries

7000, Fredericia

Guided tours for companies and groups....

Sejerø Lighthouse

4592, Sejerø

Sejerø Lighthouse was light for the first time on September the 2nd. The Light House is 15,2m tall and located on the north-vest part of the Island. In clear weather you are able to see the lights fro...

© Annemariedesign


4560, Vig

An interestin glass gallery with own works as well as bronze art from Athens, raku-burnt from Skagen og local silver jewels design. Altid new and surprising items. Also open as per appointment....


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