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© jesperhus

In Jesperhus Flower Park you will find millions of flowers. From simple flowerbeds, fabulous floral sculptures, kaleidoscopic colors to species you never knew existed.

In the middle of the park you w...

© Højriis Slot

Creaking doors, fluttering curtains and dripping blood in the basement. You have arrived at an old castle where a crime has been committed.

Fingerprints on the old gramophone and lipstick on the aban...

Palsgaard Manor Park

7130, Juelsminde

The park layout is mainly due to the efforts of Holger Christian Reedtz, the Danish diplomat who was Lord of the manor in 1835-57. In 1850-51, he was the Foreign Minister of Denmark and played a part ...

Frisenborg Sculpture Park was established in the 1990s and is located in the centre of the town Ikast. Here, you will find a number of interesting sculptures by artists, who are all famous in Denmark....

Lille Malund Garden is a beautiful family-owned garden, which was established in 1965 and has developed ever since. Today, the owners have achieved an English style garden of four acres consisting of ...


8660, Skanderborg

Dyreparken dates from approx. 1580 when the Danish King Frederik II owned the woods besides Skanderborg Castle (now The Royal Chapel of Skanderborg). He had the land fenced in and laid out as a royal ...

De Små Fisk

8600, Silkeborg

The green area “De Små Fisk” (the little fish) between Silkeborg and Sejs is the setting for a number of activities, including the annual “Open Air Festival”. The area also has a beach and camping are...


8600, Silkeborg

The Lunden area of parkland in Silkeborg is the year-round setting for various events, from a fair for children attending the town’s after-school clubs to the traditional 1 May meetings. Lunden contai...

Krabbes Grønne Ring

8620, Kjellerup

Krabbes Grønne Ring is named after Christopher Krabbe (1833–1913), who was the town bailiff and district bailiff in Kjellerup. Among other things, he instigated a town planning regulation for Kjelleru...


8600, Silkeborg

Indelukket, an area of park and woodland, is one of Silkeborg’s most popular destinations. The area has a marina and an open-air theatre. The latter is the setting of the annual Hede Rytmer (hot rhyth...


8600, Silkeborg

As the name suggests, Cirkuspladsen (the circus ground) in Kastaniehøjvej, Silkeborg is used for circus performances, but it also provides the setting for animal shows and a temporary campsite during ...

The visiting garden is 10,000 square metres large of which approximately 3500 square metres are flowerbeds. In the garden, there are about 1300 different sorts in small and large groups. The flowerbed...

© Gammel Estrup

A tour of Gammel Estrup’s magnificent halls and rooms gives unique insight into 600 years of the grand life of the Danish aristocracy. The individual rooms are furnished to show how the rooms might ha...

Struer Park

7600, Struer

Struer Lystanlæg/BorgerlundenStruer Lystanlæg (park) stretches from the town centre towards the south. In extension of the park you find Borgerlunden (citzens' grove). ...

Lemvig Museum, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Lemvig Museum, a mirror of the Lemvig area.

Visit Lemvig Museum and learn more about the distinctive character and identity of Western Jutland both past and present.  Explore the many exhibitions of ...

The Japanese Garden in Nees.

The garden is inspired of Japanese garden culture and Japanese traditions. You can see beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. The garden gives you peace in soul and mind.


© Flamingo Naturpark

Flamingo Nature ParkVisit our beautiful nature park and have a unigue experience. Small "rooms" and oasis spread out in the park make the perfect settings for an extraordinary pi...

Skovsnogen Artspace

6933, Kibæk

Skovsnogen Artspace is an exhibition space which is not defined by walls and roofs, but plays out in the open air - far out - in a forest in west Jutland.

Skovsnogen confronts traditional ideas abou...

Momhøje Nature Centre offers nature experiences and activities for all ages.The nature playground is situated north of the main building.There are surfacing of heather, the tools have been approved by...


7400, Herning

The Sculpture Park was planned by the landscape gardener C. Th. Sørensen and has 36 framed departments each containing a sculpture. The Sculpture Park presents works of many different kinds of materia...

De Geometriske Haver

7400, Herning

The Geometrical Gardens planned by the garden architect professor C. Th. Sørensen, as the rest of the museum area.

The gardens are constructed according to the "complexity of simplicity" principle; ...

1.800 m2 large garden with more than 500 various fuchsias - really worth a visit.

Bring your own lunch and enjoy it in the garden.   Please call if you would like to see the garden: +45 97187260....

Uhre Nature Park

7330, Brande

Uhre Nature Park is located on the road, Gl. Kærvej, in the village Uhre near Brande. The surroundings are exraordinarily beautiful and idyllic. In the park, you will find benches, tables, a playgroun...

Tyrelodspynten, © VisitVejle

Mølholmsdammen (Mølholm pond) and Tyrelodspynten (Tyrelod point) are both situated in the scenic Sønderskov forest between Mølholm and Søndermarken. Access to the parks from Fredericiavej, J...

Tirsbæk Castle Park, © Jens Ritzlau

Tirsbæk Castle Park

7120, Vejle Øst

Tirsbæk Castle is beautifully situated on the north-side of Vejle Bay between tall forested hills in a valley neighbouring the bay. The castle is privately owned. The park covers 30 acres and was esta...

Byparken, © Vejle Kommune

Byparken, Vejle

7100, Vejle

In the centre of Vejle between the Musikteatret stage and the municipal administration offices, you’ll find Vejle’s town park - Byparken - the lungs of Vejle city. The park was designed as a combinati...

Engelsholm Castle, © Cees van Roeden

Engelsholm Castle Park

7182, Bredsten

The Engelsholm renaissance castle is beautifully situated on the shores of Engelsholm Lake, surrounded by forest and park. Today, the castle is a folk school, which is owned by the private institution...

Skyttehushaven, Vejle, © VisitVejle


7100, Vejle

The beautiful park - Skyttehushaven - is situated on the north-side of Vejle Bay, bordering up to the Nørreskoven forest with only a few kilometers to Vejle city.   In 1914, t...

Boller Castle and the surrounding woods are a favourite local outing. A good way to go is via the Planet Path from the centre of Horsens to the castle (approx. 3 km), where you'll gain a new appreciat...

© Ole Olsen, Fredericia kommune


7000, Fredericia

There is an interesting network of trails in Snoghøjgårdsparken which run through carefully tended landscape out to the sloping coastline with beautiful views across the Little Belt....


7000, Fredericia

The Landsoldat Square is located in the heart of Fredericia

The square is named after H. W. Bissen's famous statue "The Brave Soldier" which is located in the middle of the square. At the square you ...

© Fredericia Turistbureau

The Jewish Cemetery

7000, Fredericia

The Church of the Jewish Community which used to be in Fredericia is long gone, but the cemetery is still there with the meticolous hebrew inscriptions on the gravestones. The cemetery is an important...

The Randal park

7000, Fredericia

The Randal Park is a large green wedge, laid out to preserve the green structure that divides Fredericia into districts of a suitable size, and to create some distance between an industrial and a hous...

Fredericia Ramparts

7000, Fredericia

The great fortifications, which today form a peaceful and attractive background for the oldest part of Fredericia, were originally built to defend Denmark. At the time, Europe had just been through a ...

Hannerup cemetery/park

7000, Fredericia

Hannerup Kirkegård/park is landscaped after an architectual competition. The purpose was to integrate the two functions of a town park and a church yard at a fairly small area.

The area that also inc...

Den gamle Postgård

6200, Aabenraa

Nearby in Søndergade street you findthe old Postmaster´s Manor that was erected in 1758 for postmaster, herman Daniel Linde. The building which is one of Aabenraa´s finest rococo houses was listed as ...

© ms arkiv

Skibelund Krat

6600, Vejen

Skibelund Krat is today a monumental park. The location was established in 1865 after the loss of Southern Jutland to Prussia and was used as a gathering place for celebrations. Today, it features mem...

Tambours Garden

6800, Varde

Tambours Garden is the result of a nature lover's desire to collect plants from all corners of the world and to see these grow and flourish in his own garden. The Danish climate ...

© Per Hofman Hansen

Sønderho Duck Decoy is located at the coast south of Albue Bay. During the last few years the decoy has been renovated.

The decoy is open every day.
Dogs are allowed but must be in a leash.

A duck d...

© rosenhaven

Rose Garden in Tjæreborg

6731, Tjæreborg

The Rose Garden in Tjæreborg.Open garden with about 850 roses and 350 sorts....

Ribe Herb Garden, © Ribe Urtehave

Ribe Herb Garden

6760, Ribe

In the Ribe Herb Garden's 36 beds grow between 270 and 300 medicinal and gourmet herbs. The two signs in each bed show the names of various plants in Danish and Latin.

Please note that not all the h...

Stenholm minirosehave

6240, Løgumkloster

Stenholm minirosehave...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau


6400, Sønderborg

Pleasant recreational park with a millpond and a fountain....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau


6400, Sønderborg

Free access 24 hours....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Sønderborg Slotspark

6400, Sønderborg

Open park at Sønderborg Castle, beside the water. Direct to the beach promenade leading to yacht harbour and forest....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Gråsten Palace Garden

6300, Gråsten

Winding Paths, vast lawns, woods, lakes and flower beds blending uniquely with the South Jutlanmd landscape - that is Gråsten Palace Gardens in a nutshell.The profusion of flowers is also ma...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Nordborg Slotspark

6430, Nordborg

Old linden allé from the 1700's. Lawns, flower beds and bushes, also an open-air theater....

© VisitBillund

Sculpturepark Billund

7190, Billund

Billund Sculpture Park is an interesting meeting between art and nature.
Hidden inbetween the amusement area and city center of Billund, Billund Sculpture Park is the perfect get away.

There are 17 p...


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