2-hour tours at Puch Maxi in Thyborøn

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Maxi Tours

Join us for a guided tour of Thyborøn on the iconic Puch Maxi, where you and the locals experience the fishing village in a whole new and different way and come out in the nooks and crannies you don't find in the tourist brochures.

We are a maximum of 10 participants on the trip - the talk and the fun on the way weights higher than the goal! On the tour you will experience new sides of the West Coast's charming and raw, but also hearty, rough diamond.

Rawness, laughs, robbery stories and a few truths in the built-in speaker in "Polle helmet" are solid components of the trip in a city that smells of sea, fish and lots of money added to the "dabs with beer" landmark - it's Maxi guide in Thyborøn!



7620 Lemvig

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11 Aug 20 / 13 Aug 20

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