Alive Festival

A yearly music festival.

In Thy - in the wildest nature - is Alive Festival, that puts all preconceived notions of what is possible, and impossible, to shame. The festival has since its start, in 2009, taken place every year, in August.

Here anything can happen! You may experience future tones being blown backwards by new and quirky impression, see the most beautiful and brutal nature of the area, and perhaps find the love of your life, during a local brew. The music program spans all the best, on the new Danish music scene - also with exciting names from abroad. You can, in other words meet both your favorite artist, and something completely new, in the festival's unique setting. About 25 names play on three scenes, at the intimate festival area. There are only 1000 tickets on sale - but the experience is correspondingly intense.

The music is good, the beer is cheap and camping is free. See you in Thy!