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Arnborg Camping is situated at the road named Skjernvej, a bit west of the city Arnborg. It is a lovely quiet campsite in Central Jutland. The campsite is located in great nature surroundings right down to Rind Å (a stream). 

Skjernvej 57, Arnborg

7400 Herning


Telefono:5211 5187

Mobile:2168 9872

The toilet building is being updated in summer of 2020. 

There are good possibilities for hikes, bike rides, kayak and canoe sailing. If you would like to go fishing there are great opportunity for this in the stream around the campsite.

You can go for a swim in Arnborg Lake, close to the motorway, or you can drive to Søby Sø (lake) and go for a swim, this is very child-friendly and has very clean water.

Watch drone video from Arnborg Camping


Skjernvej 57, Arnborg

7400 Herning


Strøm pr. døgn

30 DKK

1 vogn, én person pr. døgn

60 DKK

1 vogn, to personer pr. døgn

120 DKK

Ekstrapersoner pr. døgn

60 DKK

Børn under 12 år gratis


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