Art Tours Copenhagen

Explore Copenhagen with an artist as a guide.

With Art Tours Copenhagen, you can have a guided tour around the artists’ Copenhagen and get close to the city’s many stories. Art Tours Copenhagen have made it their foremost mission to make the artist’s special approach to the city available to everyone - whether you have an interest in art or just want to experience Copenhagen from a creative angle. 

You will be guided around Copenhagen´s secret and hidden gems, you will get introduced to some of the city´s finest contemporary artists, visit their ateliers, their galleries and the places which inspires them the most. They'll share their view on the city with you, and you will be sharing your view with them as well, which in turn will inspire new works of art. 

The City will be conveyed to you as the readymade piece of art it really is.

The guides don’t just live in the city, they are also inspired by the city.

Visit the website and book a tour right away.