Bicycle rental by Thyborøn Camping

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Bike rental

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7680 Thyborøn



Mobile:2311 4183

Rent a bike at Thyborøn Camping and go on a bicycle ride in the town of Thyborøn, along the Westcoast route, or try the new bicycle path between Thyborøn and Harboøre.


1 day: 75 DKK per bicycle
2 days: 140 DKK per bicycle
days: 200 DKK per bicycle
4 days: 250 DKK per bicycle
5 days: 300 DKK per bicycle
6 days: 350 DKK per bicycle
7 days:  375 DKK per bicycle

Deposit 200 DKK per bicycle.

From May 1st until October 1 st you can rent a bicycle from Thyborøn Camping.


Idrætsvej 3

7680 Thyborøn

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