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Birds of prey show, Glad Zoo

Discover the big birds of prey on very close range, when our falconers coach them in Glad Zoo. Fell a sinking feeling, when the owl, the falcon and the eagle cut through the air just above your head. View the carrion hawk, which is one of the world's most clever bird of prey, and the only one in Denmark of its kind, solve problems collaboratively with the falconer. Throughout the show there will be information given about the various birds of prey and how work with them is done. The beautiful birds are enchanting children of all ages, and they will get a great experience by watching the show.

Here at Glad Zoo, we give our customers a greater experience because we are present in the area all the time, and we are often in touch with our customers in order to talk about what is happening right now with our animals. This also applies to our birds of prey show. You can be sure that you will know a lot more about birds of prey, after you've visited Glad Zoo.

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