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Skyttevej 2

7800 Skive



- Atmosphere of film history, fun and great experiences - a good venue for the whole family. Brasserie Bogart takes you on a journey through decades of film history. Our experienced chefs create wonderful dishes with originality, imagination and the best ingredients. We are pleased to welcome you in Brasserie Bogart to culinary experiences for the whole family!

Food & Film

Give yourself a night off - forget about the dirty dishes and book a great night at Cinema 3 and Brasserie Bogart. Combine a good movie with dining and save money.

Food & Film can only be ordered in connection with booking of movie tickets. If you only want to eat in the Brasserie Bogart can book a table at Ph.: +45 70 70 14 64
When ordering Food & Film must reserve a ticket to the movie you want to see. You can then opt Food & Film. We recommend booking a table at least 1 hour before the film starts.


Skyttevej 2

7800 Skive



Main course: DKK 150 - 250

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