Ancient Road Hiking Tour 2021

Every year many hundreds walk on the old military road. At the organized walking event "Hærvejsvandringen" from Schleswig to Viborg along the old Hærvej participants from many countries spend a week of their vacation hiking this trip.

300 km on the Military Road "Hærvejen" 

On the hike you will find bulletin boards with information about the exciting history of the military road. 

Many have tried to hike before, but every year new participants come who would like to join this unique hike through Jutland.

The highway hike has 7 stages and the walking speed is max. 7.5 km / h and min. 3.5 - 4 km / h including breaks, so anyone with a reasonable basic form can participate.

The distances range from 25 to 50 km / h and they are adjusted every year.

In 2019, the 300 km trip was divided into the following stages:

Stage 1 Schleswig ›Kruså (49 km)
Stage 2 Kruså ›Hovslund Stationsby (44 km)
Stage 3 Hovslund Stationsby ›Skodborg (45 km)
Stage 4 Skodborg ›Ny Nørup (45 km)
Stage 5 Ny Nørup ›Nørre Snede (44 km)
Stage 6 Nørre Snede ›Thorning (48 km)
7th stage Thorning ›Viborg (25 km)

The 200 km route is divided into the following stages:

1st stage Schleswig ›break 3 (33 km) Kruså
Stage 2 Kruså ›rast 3 (30 km) Hovslund
Stage 3 Hovslund ›rast 3 (26 km) Skodborg
4th stage Skodborg ›rest 3 (29 km) Ny Nørup
Stage 5 New Nørup ›rest 3 (27 km) Nørre Snede
Stage 6 Nørre Snede ›rest 3 (30 km) Thorning
7th stage Thorning ›Viborg (25 km)

You are always welcome to contact Fodslaw's office for practical questions about the Hærvejs walk. If you would like to talk to a person who has gone on the trip please contact Fodslaw's board.

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