Det Store Nisseroderi - Vester Palsgaard Skovmuseum (Pixie messiness)

21 November - 20 December 2020 during the museums opening hours. 

At this time the pixies are waking up, but not all pixies are nice. Sometimes their teasing and magic are not good for us people. 

At the 5 museums under Museum Midtjylland, the pixies are a big problem. They have made a mess and switched the year, made silly stories, and put their greasy pixie fingers on the exhibitions. 

Come with your family and help us solve the great pixie messiness. When you have solved the issues, you will get a pixie-kit home with you. You will also receive a ticket to the great pixie-lottery, where you can win very nice presents.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Maja Theodoraki at