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Donkey Republic enables you to rent bikes at all hours of the day, all days throughout the year. Donkey Republic functions via an app, so you can easily rent, use, and return your bike at your leisure.

In Aalborg and Nørresundby, you can pick up your bike at the following locations: Cabinn Aalborg, First Hotel Aalborg, Aalborg Familie Camping Strandparken, Hotel Scheelsminde, Egholm, Skudehavnen, Haraldslund Swimming Centre, Vestbyen Station, Strandvejen behind Radisson Hotel, Kunsten, AKKC, Aalborg Busterminal, Gammeltorv, Nytorv, Friis, Utzon Center, Nordkraft, Nørresundby Torv and Aalborg Airport Hotel. Simply pick up the bike at the location the app tells you, and then you return it when done.

Go on an adventure

When you have picked up your bike, the possibilities are endless. Downtown Aalborg is a very biking-friendly city, so you can get around town quite easily. If inner city trips are not to your liking, it is a short only a short ride to the nature surrounding Aalborg.

For instance, you can go for a long trip through Østerådalen, or go north to Hammer Bakker, where you can park the bike and explore the nature trails. You can also take you bike with you to Egholm, and take a roundtrip of the beautiful island.

Go on an even longer adventure

In the lovely summer weather, an obvious choice for the experienced rider is going to different destinations in the rest of Jutland. Bisnap Strand is a lovely beach near Hals in the east. There is also Nibe Camping Sølyst in the west, if you would rather bathe in a pool.

Danish roots

Donkey Republic is a Danish company, and can be found throughout all major, Danish cities – not just Aalborg! You might even find them larger cities in the rest of Europe. The company started out with an idea for an easy-to-use, biking rental service in Copenhagen, and has since grown exponentially.

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