FDM Jyllandsringen

Foto: FDM Jyllandsringen
Conference & Meeting Venues
Highly situated close to Silkeborg, lies the newly remodeled FDM Jyllandsringen.

Skellerupvej 38

8600 Silkeborg



The beautiful surroundings provide the framework for Denmark's largest racing track, where motor races and events are held annually.

On a daily basis, FDM Jyllandsringen functions as a driving technical system with both maneuvering and smooth lanes, as well as offering conference facilities, with the opportunity to mix meetings with racing experiences.

Short about FDM Jyllandsringen

FDM Jyllandsringen was founded in 1966 and in 2010 became part of the 1001 Danish cultural heritage stories on the Danish Cultural Authority's page on places that have helped to characterize Danish culture.

Contact on tel. +45 86 85 33 22 and hear more about the many options.

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Skellerupvej 38

8600 Silkeborg



Between151 and 300 persons

Between 101 and 150 persons

Between 50 and 100 persons

Between 1 and 49 persons

Max no of participants (250)

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