A Footpath Langeland round the coast

A Footpath Langeland round the coast

Experience Langeland’s beautiful coastline on foot

A Footpath Langeland round the coast: In autumn, winter and spring 2017-2018 we walked (Jesper Ansbæk and Jette Purup) Langeland round the coast. Jesper took pictures, Jette took notes, and here is the result in pictures and words.

This walking route right around our long island is 139km long. It has been divided into 10 stages, the shortest is 10km long, the  longest 19km. The route starts in Spodsbjerg and takes you clockwise around the island, passing through all four harbour towns, Spodsbjerg, Bagenkop, Rudkøbing and Lohals.


Signposts/no signposts

On some sections of this route you will be walking along the “Archipelago Way”, the 220km long footpath around the South Funen Archipelago. Here you will find signposts that show you the way. On the remaining sections there are no signposts, so refer to the map and texts, that the “Footpath Friends” have prepared (you can download and print them) and keep close to the coast.


Around the coast in 10 stages

In some places accessibility high tides/water levels can make access difficult. If you cannot proceed along the water’s edge or by an alternative route, as shown on the map, then walk back along the beach and find a farm track or tarmac road you can follow to get back to the coast further along the route.


You can download GPX files for the routes here