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The Funen painters - Art above all

In the exhibition Fynboerne - art above all! Kunstmuseum Brandts goes behind the beautiful flower paintings and popular family portraits of the Funen painters to uncover the everyday life behind the art.

The focus is not only on the conditions for the women artists, but also on the supportive community they created with their husbands and the other artists on Funen.

In recent years, the art world has focussed on including forgotten or overlooked female artists who stood in the shadow of their famous husbands and the conditions that time offered them. In a new exhibition on the Funeners, Kunstmuseum Brandts focuses on both the structural conditions such as the lack of opportunities for formal
education, and on the more intangible circumstances such as time and peace to paint undisturbed.

With 90 works by the recognised Funen painters, as well as several of their correspondence works, the exhibition focuses in particular on the three well-known artist couples Swane, Larsen and Syberg.

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