Guidet tours on Tunø

If you have decided to spend a day visting Tunø, a guided tour offers a unique opportunity to get to know the island. Amoung others things, it is possible to learn about how such a small society functions today and what the residents of the island do for a living.

Tunø has a long and interesting history, for example, the island has always been an independent society, which makes the island much more than a holiday paradise. You are not likely to find another spot on the map with such a varied scenery both in terms of plants, wildlife and the rolling hills.

The Tunø guide, Hanne Trombrog Thaysen, is a permanent resident of Tunø and has been for the past 18 year, of which she has been an independent grocer in Tunø Købmandsgård for nine years.

Further information www.tunø