Gudenaa, Tørring and Uldum

Active holiday in a historic area.

Enjoy the unique countryside around the springs of the river Gudenaa and Skjern stream on foot.

Bike along The Ancient Road which runs along the watershed and close to the remnants of Denmark’s first water park. Or explore the historic villages Hjortsvang and Aale. Visit Hjortsvang Museum for a taste of local history coming to life.

Gudenaa is Denmark’s only river. Nature and wildlife is under more protection in the first part of the river from Tørring to Mossø than on any other part, making it the most interesting part for a canoeing experience.

The area has many good angling sites, both in streams, lakes and in Uldum Marsh, which is a Natura 2000-area with trails, bridges and birdwatching towers. The village of Uldum is characterized by the large, restored mill which still produces organic flour and serves as a museum of local history. Uldum is also known for its annual Street Music Festival, a one-day festival with more than 1,000 performers.

In the town of Tørring you can experience craft artists and the interesting shops in the town center. Visit the huge Rhododendron Garden, take a swim in the pool or enjoy a picnic in one of nature’s many treasures.