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Haarby dog park

In dog parks you are permitted to walk your dog unleashed, provided that you have complete control of your dog. In other words, if you are unsure whether your dog will obey you, it must be leashed at all times, which also applies in the dog park. This way, you help to ensure that all dog-park visitors have a rewarding experience. Most dog parks are signposted and fenced-in.

Haarby dog park

Parking at the entrance from Akkerupvej. The dog park is fenced-in and has three entry and exit points. There are no reinforced roads, only hiking trails. The dog park includes a small fenced-in area for puppies aged 2 to 6 months. The dog park is located in a corner of Trunderup woods. Remember your dog must be leashed in the rest of the woods. Agility equipment and benches are set up at various locations in the woods. A refuse bin is located at the entrance where the rules of conduct are also posted.

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