Hedebo Strand Camping/Beach Camping - Sæby

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Frederikshavnsvej 108

9300 Sæby




Child-friendly campsite, popular with longstay campers and tourists with campers, caravans and tents. Located at the waterline, at short stroll from beautiful Sæby, close to Skagen, Aalborg and Frederikshavn with museums, shopping and café life and with Understed hills in the backyard. Very good opportunities for outdoor activities eg. fishing, surfing, mountain biking and hiking.

On Hedebo Strand Camping there are plenty of activities for adults and children eg. water park, miniature golf, tennis, computer, bouncy castles, climbing tower, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and events conducted by the friendly staff. For example, girls' night out, flea markets and exhibitions of vintage cars and classical motorbikes.

The campsite has a grocery store and café. Cuisines overlooking the sea. 


Frederikshavnsvej 108

9300 Sæby

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