Horse - carriage in "Rold Skov" forest

Horse Carriage Rides in Rold Skov Forest

Horse carriage rides takes place in the Southern part of Rold Forest and goes around the lake Hvass Sø.

You will pass the sinkholes ‘Røverstuen’ and ‘Hestegravene’, where stories about the notorious robbers of Rold and other stories will be told. 

Afterwards, we will go to the bog Lille Økssø where there is a lookout tower, which allow you to take in the views of the abundant wildlife in this part of Rold Skov forest, then passing the oak tree ‘Mosskovegen’ - a tall oak tree that rises near the clearing at the lake ‘Store Økssø’.

If you have brought coffee/cake, lunch, drinks, e.g. Store Økssø is the obvious place for a break - this should be coordinated with the driver before the beginning of the tour in order to adapt the route - or, you can also visit the Mosskov Pavillon, located next to the lake, a cozy eatery/restaurant where you can buy ice cream, coffee, as well as both hot and cold dishes. 

The surrounding area of Store Økksø is a popular excursion spot during all year round - during summer the lake is popular for swimming and the path around the lake is beautiful regardless of the season. In spring you can experience the blooming light green beeches and during fall you can experience them turn into warm shades of red, brown and yellow. During winter the lake is utilized by ‘søens folk’ - the people of the lake - a group of active winter swimmers, which fires up the sauna after their swim in the ice-cold water.

The horse carriage rides on some of Rold Skov forest’s scenic roads, the outbound and inbound journey takes different routes.

The drivers are happy to tell stories about the area, the nature, and who knows - maybe a fun little story or anecdote.

The capacity of the carriage is a maximum of 12 adults. There is no space for wheelchairs on the carriage as the space between the benches are too small.


PRICE: 2 hours 1200 DKK. - thereafter 750 DKK. per hour. 


Jytte Sigfredsen, Birkevej 15, 9510 Arden, phone: 24 85 63 14 / 28 96 31 62

Speaks Danish (Jutlandic) and English

Jytte also have a smaller carriage, which can be used for e.g. weddings or a romantic tour for 2 people - prices will be arranged individually.


Anton Jensen, Skovvej 56, 9510 Arden, phone: 20 28 62 55

Speak Danish (Jutlandic)

Both Jytte and Anton are pleased to tell about the area and the nature during the tour.