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The lovely figures from Højholm Design are Danish design created by Per Højholm in the company Bogense Trækunst more than 60 years ago. Today his daughter Ellen Højholm is responsible for the beautiful handicraft.

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The Bogense Horse, the angels, the Santa Claus figures and the Nativity scene: Højholm Design is 100% Danish design. The figures are produced in Danish beech by Ole and Lars, and Ellen Højholm paints the figures in hand. The figures are the same as they have been for 40 years since they were designed by Ellen's father in the company Bogense Trækunst, and the the decoration has been lightly updated to a tasteful modern expression.

Bogense Trækunst

The company Bogense Trækunst was founded in 1957 by Per Højholm. He was studying medicine, but did not have much money. But he did have a creative vein - and he teamed up with his father-in-law to make angel figures as Christmas presents for family and friends.

Ellen Højholm explains:

“My grandfather made broom handles because of a work accident where he had lost his legs. One day the two teamed up to make Christmas presents for family and friends. But a friend saw the little fine angels and told my dad they'd sell a lot. He was right - they became a big success. ”

Per Højholm abandoned the medical studies and moved to Bogense with his wife and their four children. Here the company Bogense Trækunst became a success with many different popular figures. Per Højholm died at an early age, and his daughter Ellen was only six years old when he died. But she kept a close eye on the company and the various owners for many years, and in 2010 she bought the company. Now it's called Højholm Design, and you can still buy the beautiful figures.


Nyager 24

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