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Humans in the Abbey - new permanent exhibition at the abbey

Come in behind the walls – into the holiest of holy – for an experience for all the senses, where from Saturday, March 24th, the high season starts with the opening of the new permanent exhibition ”Humans in the Abbey”.

A unique insight into the abbey life

All senses will be put into play in ”Humans in the Abbey”, who invite you to an immersive experience from another age through sounds, lights and physical installations. To the sound of the prayers of the canonical hours, you travel back through history to when monks lived in the mighty abbey complex. By following personal tails from the monk, the abbot and the lay brother, you will be enthralled by the thoughts of life behind the thick abbey walls. You can experience right up close how the day and the hours and minutes create space for reflection, back then and now.

Experiences in the landscape

Last year the ”Abbey in the landscape” opened with a line-up of informative experiences in nature about the abbey with a view back to the abbeys heyday. With the opening of the new exhibition, you can, therefore, experience the abbey from both in- and outside.

The project is done in cooperation between YOKE and Dark Matters, and it is sponsored by the Knud Højgaard’s Foundation.