Irma City Supermarkets

The first 'Irma City' opened in 2001 and concists of smaller supermarkets, with a large selection of high quality take away food.

Most of the groceries in 'Irma City' are still the same as in the ordinary Irma stores.

Irma offers a wide array of food specialties and quality groceries that won't be found anywhere else.

The Irma chain of stores was founded back in 1870 and is the oldest of its kind in the country.

Irma City is open every day at 08:00 to 22:00.

Please see Irma's website for more adresses.

You can find Irma City at the adresses listed below:

Irma City
Vesterbrogade 46
1620 København N

Irma City
Nørrebrogade 3A
2200 København N

Irma City
Østerbrogade 110
2100 København Ø