Iskunsten - Magical Christmas exhibition

Have magical experience in the old freezer house, which previously supplied ice to the fishing cutters in Thyborøn. Large blocks of ice are transformed into unique works of art, where the light plays in the crystal clear ice in a magical way. The exhibition changes throughout the year from maritime works of art to oyster ice bars and Christmas exhibitions.

Visit Thyborøn's new attraction Iiskunsten with experiences for the whole family!

Experience a unique exhibition of fantastic ice sculptures, which come to life from the play created between the ice and the clear light. Be inspired to carve your own sculpture in ice by the ice sculptor, which you can see in action.

The exhibition at Iskunsten is permanent, but the sculptures are gradually being replaced. Ice art is the only one of its kind in Europe.


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At the Kystcentret, children and playful adults can experiment with wind, weather and water. And in Snegleuset you can see and admire the many thousands of snail houses and shells from all over the world.