Jyske Ås Hiking Trail

Jyske Ås offers a beautiful landscape taking you through some of the most remarkeble nature of northern Denmark. The hiking route (approx. 30 km.) begins at Dronninglund Slot and ends in Østervrå.

There is a Jyske Ås bicycle route as well, which also starts at Dronninglund Slot and shares its course with the national Ancient Route Hærvejen.

On the trail you will find 3 primitive campsites.

Slettingen Shelters located in the protected area, Slettingen and Grevsmosen

Lunken primitive shelters in Søheden Forest

Østervrå primitive campsite in Østervrå


See a brochure of the Hiking and Bicycle trail Jyske Ås here (Danish)

See a brochure of Jyske Ås here (Danish)