Kloster Design Candle Foundry & Handicraft

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Klostervej 96

6950 Ringkøbing


Telefono:+45 9733 7238

Mobile:+45 6077 7238

Between Søndervig and Ringkøbing in a small town called Kloster, you will find the company Kloster Design. There you can spend a lovely day out with the entire family.

In the shop, you will find a large range of beautiful articles for your home at responsible prices.

In the candle foundry it’s possible to create your own unique candles from a large choice of colors. Good fun for the entire family. Please note that your own created candles are sold by weight. The candle foundry has open from 10 am till 16.30 pm and saturday from 10 am till 13 pm. Making candles must be started 1 hour before closing time.

Next to Kloster Design you can enjoy a cup of coffee at Charly’s Café. Furthermore you can visit the Bo Bendixen gallery were you can find a large range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, cards and much more.

The cafe opens from 11-17 pm on weekdays and Saturdays at 11-13 pm.


Klostervej 96

6950 Ringkøbing


Interior decoration

Art and Industrial Design

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