Kloeverstierne Ebeltoft

Kloeverstierne Ebeltoft

Foto: Kirsten Semberg
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Welcome to the Kloeverstierne in Ebeltoft, which is for those who want to go out in the open and combine experiences and fresh air with exercise.

S.A. Jensens Vej 3

8400 Ebeltoft

Kloeverstierne in Ebeltoft

Select a route that suits you in terms of length or sights. In the folder, you can be inspired to choose a route and use it as a guide along the way.

The routes have different length and color:

Green: 2½ km

Blue: 5.6 km

Red: 7.9 km

Black: 13 km

See descriptions of routes here.

See maps with audience facilities here.

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S.A. Jensens Vej 3

8400 Ebeltoft


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