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Get the story of the Cold War

Vognsbjergvej 4b

5935 Bagenkop



During "The Cold War" (1953 - 1989) the Langelands Fort was responsible for surveillance of the Baltic and was in military command of the area. The Fort was closed in 1993 and is now a department of Langelands Museum.
The public will have access to two large exciting acquisitions.
The minesweeper ASKØ built in 1941 and the submarine SPRINGEREN from 1965. Both have served in the Danish fleet until 2004. The museum also has two airplanes: A Polish MIG 23 and a Saab Draken (from the Danish air force).
Boys of all ages love looking at the enormous guns (150 mm), but it is exciting for both sexes to visit the gunrooms with in their confined spaces, and see all the grenades and other equipment stored there.
If you like watching birds, this museum is unique in also offering a well preserved wetland and a newly planted woodland where many species of birds may be observed.
There is an indoor picnic area and several tables outside where you may enjoy your food free of charge.

Vognsbjergvej 4b

5935 Bagenkop

Orari di lavoro

01 May 20 / 30 Sep 20

10:00 - 17:00

01 Oct 20 / 31 Oct 20

10:00 - 16:00

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