Ebeltoft Kulturloft

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Community Centres
Ebeltoft Kulturloft is placed in centrum of Ebeltoft city in the new Maltfabric.    

Maltvej 12

8400 Ebeltoft



Telefono:+45 86 34 00 33

A program for all

The house was given the new name Kulturloftet and here you can experience music in all different kinds of genres, talks, theatre, and much more.

Kulturloftet is the areas' community- and art centre with lots of exciting cultural experience on the program. Come by for a visit and have a festive experience.


Ministeriet is a popular place to have a wedding, confirmation, or in general just a big party. It may just be the cosy and relaxes atmosphere which appeals to the renters? See more and book here.

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Maltvej 12

8400 Ebeltoft

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