Arts & Crafts - All Local

The Gallery of Arts and Crafts Helt Lokalt (All Local) is a newly opened gallery where carefully selected artisans from South Zealand show their work in a wide range of materials. You can meet the following artisans in the gallery in 2019:


Birthe Liisberg Bruun Oxager, Dalby - ceramic

Mai Hviid Jørgensen, Tureby - willow

Frank Sørensen, Rønned – wood

Bettina Holst, Haslev - textile

Jytte Mørch, Fensmark - glass

Vicki Kolby, St. Heddinge - ceramic

Niels Hansen, Naestved - wood


At Helt Lokalt we want to show the high quality and versatility that exists in crafts here in South Zealand.