The Little Mermaid & The Tide

Sail through time on the harbor. Learn the story of Copenhagen by listening to an alternative interpretation of The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid & The Tide is an audio play in the canals of Copenhagen. Here you sail in the small ship Flyvefisk while listening to a dramatized new interpretation of the tale about The Little Mermaid by H. C. Andersen. It is all about a sensuous and coherent experience of local history and fairytale. The historic places you pass on the boat trip work as an active part of the story where The Little Mermaid sees the city change from ancient times up until Today. You are also able to choose the experience as a walking tour for a reduced price.

The audio play has been recorded by English actors with music from the Danish composer Rumpistol which gives the classic tale a modern, electronic edge. The boat tour starts and ends at Nyhavn 71, whereas the walking tour eather departs or ends by the statue of The Lille Mermaid and The Library Garden.