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Liv og Glade Dageløkke

Liv Og Glade Dageløkke er en festival, hvor stemningen er Sol, sommer, strand og havn.

Dageløkke Harbour loves music and would like to share that with a lot of summer-happy people and is therefore making a festival where music and social gatherings are at the centre. In addition to the music, we also offer our guests good food and lovely drinking experiences. Delicious dishes and fantastic cocktails, beer and wine will therefore be available for purchase.

Liv og Glade Dageløkke is set in the framework around Dageløkke Harbour.

Dageløkke Harbor has undergone a thorough renovation over the course of 18 months, which means that it is a beautiful and different harbor that warmly welcomes the happy and party-ready audience at Liv og Glade Dageløkke.


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