Næstved Playpark

Naestved Playpark is a huge indoor-playground full of popular attractions. 
We have a bouncy castle just like Cirkusland and the Junglehop, as well as a bouncy castle featuring blow-up animals, and a ball-park for the little ones (0-3). 

We provide loads of action including a large slide for bigger children and a mini-slide for smaller children. There`s also the Jungle-Obstacle-Course; lots of fun for adults and children alike. There are lots of opportunities for challenges, it doesn’t matter if it’s child versus child or child versus adult. We have the Gladiator-Track, the Football-Tunnel, the Mega Basket and Sumo-Wrestling.  Or try the Retro-Arcade-Games; where Dad’s might have a chance to win. 

Our café invites you to relax, while you enjoy a freshly-brewed coffee and cakes, or a fresh sandwich and lemonade. We offer a large variety of home-produced ice-cream from ”Premier Is”, including diabetic ice-cream, plus a wide range of sweets and crisps, slush and fruit-juices. The café has a Mini-Playarea for your little ones (0-5) with Mega Lego, bouncy animals, spinning tops, and the much loved Wheelybug cars, where the kids can play while Mum and Dad take a break. 

All attractions are included in the entrance fee; except the much loved Teddy Crane, which has a win every time.