Restoration of the galeas Anna Møller in Holbæk | Foto: Denmark's National Museum

The National Museum of Denmark’s restoration of the galeas Anna Møller

Foto: The National Museum of Denmark
Come and watch while the National Museum of Denmark restores the more than 100-year-old galeas “Anna Møller” in the harbour of Holbæk.

Kanalstræde 17

4300 Holbæk


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The harbour of Holbæk is a gathering place for historic, wooden ships. Therefore, the National Museum of Denmark selected this as the place, where they would restore the galeas Anna Møller, which was built in 1906 in the city Randers in Denmark.

Experience the restoration of an old wooden ship in the harbour of Holbæk

The National Museum of Denmark is currently restoring the historic galeas Anna Møller in the harbour of Holbæk in West Zealand. The restoration takes place in a big blue warehouse on the very end of the street “Kanalstræde” in Holbæk – right by the city beach.

You can come and watch the restoration on weekdays from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm. However, please that it may be closed on certain days, which will be announced on the Facebook page: Nationalmuseets fartøjssamling (Danish).

The galeas Anna Møller

When the enormous galeas finished in 1906 in Randers, it was named Esther. A galeas is a two-masted wooden ship, where the mast in the front of the ship is slightly taller than the mast in the back of the ship. In the beginning, the wooden ship was used to transport lumber. Later on, Esther transported coal, cement, and other materials. However, after many years, she was used to fetching big rocks from the ocean and deliver them, where they needed to be.

Throughout the years, Esther changed owners several times. She was also owned by Danish fund A. P. Møller and Chastine McKinney Møllers, who decided to use the ship as a museum ship. Not until 1076 was she entrusted to the National Museum of Denmark and renamed Anna Møller, because another ship already has the name Esther.

Anna Møller in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The National Museum restored her to her original self. Along with two other wooden ships, Anna Møller was placed in Nyhavn in Copenhagen, which has become a very popular tourist attraction. Every year volunteers have been sailing her until it was time for restoration again.


Kanalstræde 17

4300 Holbæk


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