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The area around Odder has lots of beautiful nature waiting to be explored. With the outdoor experience company Odder Vandring og Outdoor, you can go on a guided hike with a local tour guide who has extensive knowledge of both the local area as well as nature experiences in general.

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Safely experience the nature of Odder

Odder Vandring og Outdoor is a small family-run business. The Family loves hiking in nature and wants to share its great interest and expert knowledge with other hikers – both locals who want to get to know their area a little better and tourists who want to have a memorable nature experience.

When you go on a trip with Odder Vandring og Outdoor, you do not just go hiking – you have a total experience with breaks and delicious local food in the open air. You will have a good day having experienced lots of outdoor life with focus on togetherness and room for little stories.

The hikes are usually 10 to 12 kilometres long. If you need equipment for your hike, you can rent this from the company. 

You can chose between two different tours:


Explore the wild nature of Sondrup

This tour takes you through the beautiful, hilly and wooded Sondrup area. On the hike, you traverse the deep forests of the hills at Sondrup Bakker and pass several of the hills of the area that offer terrific views of the area. You also walk down to Horsens Fjord and the beach of Sondrup Strand that is quite close to the islands of the fjord, Alrø and Hjarnø.

The tour is approximately 10 to 12 kilometres long and takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, including breaks along the way. Along the hike, locally produced food is served – bread with cold meats, apple juice from a local orchard and beer. The price includes food and drink.


Let yourself be guided around the hidden trails of the town

There are many hidden natural gems around the centre of Odder. There are cosy forests and nature trails that not everyone knows about. This tour takes you behind the bustling life of the town centre and shows you a different, greener side of Odder. This includes the beautiful forests of Vejlskoven and Dyrehaven.

The meal break of this tour is taken at a campfire hut in the woods. Here, locally produced sausages from Fru Møllers Mølleri are prepared over open fire and are accompanied by local beverages. The length of the tour is 10 kilometres and it takes 4 to 5 hours.


Book your guided tour

If you are interested in going on one of the guided hikes, you can contact the company and enquire about the possibility. A tour must have at least four participants. You can book a tour for a start day and time that suits you, any day of the week.

Moreover, a regular scheduled tour to Sondrup takes place every Sunday at 10:00.

Going on a guided hike with Odder Vandring og Outdoor does not cost a fortune. You can see prices for guided tours and rental of equipment on the company’s website.


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