Orangerie Nandina


Nursery and product development
Nice and inspiring cottage garden

Do you go for a walk around the buildings, you experience the old cottage garden, which is unique in itself. Here in this surroundings the Orangery Nandina is beautifully placed together with the large plant collection and nursery.

One section of the glasshouse is used for development and breeding of rare plants for gardens and especially for conservatories.

In the second section, is the sales department where we sell these plants. Here you will also find magazines, books and catalogs, as there is ample opportunity to study while enjoying Hanne’s fresh coffee and delicious freshly baked cake.

Poul Erik Brander and Hanne Hansen offers a wide assortment of garden, patio and terrace plants such as: Trees, shrubs and perennials, and we have a variety of small trees and rare plants such as tub: Citrus, Olives, Passiflora, cassia and many more
- Come and experience it.

You can also get advice and guidance in plant selection.

Flower Week: Each week there will be offers on a special season plant.

Groups: The Orangery Nandina gladly receives groups and parties of up to 50 people throughout the week, however, against the order. Buying coffee and cake is a part of the concept of greater visits where Hanne and Poul Erik tells about the Orangery Nandina and plants.

Events: During the season the Orangery organize various events such as: lectures by specialists, exhibition and sale of rarities, or art exhibitions. These are advertised in local newspapers.

Entry fee: Entry fee for smaller amounts can be collected during the summer for adults and children over 14 years. The fee will be deducted when buying coffee and / or plants.