The Magic Box

Shipping and shopping - you - the global consumer. How global is your breakfast or the goods in your shopping cart? For the exhibition, interactive games, installations, and objects have been developed that show the importance of shipping for your daily life. So how global or local are you?

The M / S Maritime Museum of Denmark's new exhibition 'THE MAGIC BOX - Shipping, Shopping and the Global Consumer' focuses on the consumer society and the importance of shipping for you and me at the 600 m2 exhibition.

"With the exhibition, we want to focus on modern shipping, our own role in the the consumption society, and everything that comes with it - from climate change and globalisation to the way we consider ourselves and each other. Our identity is highly associated with our consumption, and that is something we would like people to reflect on with this exhibition." Ulla Tofte, Director of the M / S Maritime Museum of Denmark.

Your shopping cart and the world's largest container terminal

Follow the banana, chocolate and lamb chops the long way to your dining table, and test how global you are in your shopping habits. Get insights into the people who get our groceries, clothes and electronic gadgets to land in the stores, and become more aware of the environmental impact of transportation. See, among other things, port life, as it is played around the clock in one of the world's largest container terminals in Shanghai.

Future ships, one-week food consumption and the Banana Passport

Experience the future's solutions to the shipping climate impact with models of the latest ship technology and the coming ships - including the battery-powered ships.
Focus on the consumer society, including New photos from Peter Menzel's 'Hungry Planet' photo project documenting families from all over the world in the company of what they eat in a week.

Follow the banana's journey in the Icelandic art project CARGO by Björn Steinar Blumenstein & Johanna Seelemann. Here the banana is fitted with passports, and you follow it on its road to the supermarket - or maybe to the bin.

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