The story behind RebildPorten

The nature in Rold Skov forest and Rebild Bakker is marvelous, and the purpose of RebildPorten was to create a platform, which invites people to move into the nature.

RebildPorten is inspired by Rold Skov - both in its expression and materials. The purpose of the project with RebildPorten was from the beginning to create an expression of a small piece of the forest with stems and branches.

The building was created as a 5 meter tall square, and the sides was created of a sculptural wooden construction. This wooden construction is made out of the spruce from Rold Skov, which has been covered with larch.

RebildPorten was created by the turnkey contractor HP Byg A/S, the architectural firm CEBRA, and the engineering firm Viggo Madsen A/S. Communication was handled by Idébureauet 1+2.

On August 9, 2012, the first sod was turned, and the name “RebildPorten” was revealed.

Since then, RebildRorten has made it easier and more attractive to be active in the nature in Rold Skov forest and Rebild Bakker.