The restaurant at Hotel Haraldskær

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Among the rolling hills and beech woods of the river valley of Vejle Ådal you find Haraldskær Manor with its white and red brick facades. The restaurant at Signatur Hotel Haraldskær is inspired by seasonal ingredients and specialities of the local suppliers.

Skibetvej 140

7100 Vejle



Flavour is paramount at the restaurant. The culinary philosophy is at one with nature. Based on Danish cuisine with strong local flavour, the simple seasonal menus are crafted from house-made specialities and prime produce, often rediscovering the riches of forgotten local ingredients. 

The menus are composed on a daily basis from the best of local produce. Two-courses DKK 295, three courses DKK 375, four courses DKK 445, five courses DKK 525. The restaurant recommends making table reservations by calling +4576496000. Subject to change. 


Skibetvej 140

7100 Vejle

Orari di lavoro

03 Jan 20 / 19 Dec 20

18:00 - 21:00

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